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Nadia Hassan

Nadia Hassan is a surface pattern designer living and working in Greensboro, NC. She has an undeniable passion for patterns and applying prints to anything that will sit stillófrom fabric and phone cases, to entire city streets!  Her designs are always evolving, but usually include bold graphics, clean lines, cheerful colors and a healthy dose of playfulness. She enjoys experimenting with abstraction, interlocking shapes and the delicate balance between positive and negative space. A self-proclaimed color enthusiast, she uses pattern design to celebrate and explore color. She draws inspiration from just about anywhere, including the many beautiful and bizarre forms found in nature, the incredible legacy of mid-century design and the moments in everyday life where the mundane meets the serendipitous. For her, the process is as much about play as work; itís an exciting investigation of ideas, colors, shapes, textures and scale. Each day she looks forward to discovering where the limitless possibilities will lead. 

Nadia lives with her partner, his two children and her cat, Toby, in a white house with a mint green door. She would have painted it orange (her favorite color), but didnít want it to clash with the neighborís red one.


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