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Jennifer Parker

Jennifer Parker is an innovative graphic and mixed media artist from Mill Valley, California. Jennifer is one of the early pioneers in vintage paper product design. She has designed for distinguished gift industry companies for over a decade. Her extensive knowledge of Victorian imagery "ephemera", coupled with a mastery of digital collage, sets Jennifer's signature layered style apart in paper product design.

At The Gifted Line, Jennifer was honored to design with John Grossman's Collection of Antique Images, one of the largest unique ephemera collections in the world. Under his art direction, Jennifer developed the foundations of her niche style of collage.

Jennifer later became the art director and studio manager for the Northern California office of Punch Studio in 2001. Jennifer and her team of designers were instrumental in the early development of the Punch Studio style that is so popular today. From concept to completion, Jennifer oversaw and designed numerous top selling custom products for retail and high profile chain stores, such as TJMAXX, Ross, Michaels, Barnes and Noble, and Macy's.

Jennifer's mixed media, assemblages and licensed creations are inspired by her global excursions, spiritual interests, and her sensitivity to natural materials, rich textures and nuanced color.

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