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Kitty Glitter
by Studio E Fabrics
Soft, romantic and oh so sweet, this is a 7 piece digital collection of adorable little kittens. Photographically created effects of trendy glitter, accents of gemstones, pearls, ribbon and pretty flowers along with a 9 inch square block pattern are sure to make you smile. The palette is soft and pretty in pinks, mint and lavenders. Delivery is July 2018.
Kitty Glitter Quilt #1
Kitty Glitter Quilt #1
Kitty Glitter Quilt #2
Kitty Glitter Quilt #2
4337-22 Cats Medley
Cats Medley
4336-22 9
9" blocks
4338-22 Patchwork
4339-22 Tossed Frames
Tossed Frames
4340-11 Standing  Kitties
Standing Kitties
4341-42 Glitter Words
Glitter Words
4342-42 Cat Collars Stripe
Cat Collars Stripe
Kitty Glitter Full Collection
Kitty Glitter Full Collection

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