Alexa Kate Design

I have always enjoyed creating art. Early on, those passions expressed themselves as whimsical doodles (frequently created in class, to the consternation of my teachers).

My doodles led me to pursue an education in fine and commercial art. Who knew that I would enjoy designing textiles every bit as much as I enjoyed sketching those childhood doodles?

Vibrant colors and shapes in the world around us bring me inspiration. For instance, a piece of architecture that has an interesting shape or the way a shadow from a tree plays on a wall. This is the beginning of an idea for a fabric collection. I also notice how colors combine with each other in nature and then I try to replicate those color combinations through my art. Mixing textures, patterns and shapes together to create intricate fabric patterns is my goal.

I live in the awe-inspiring foothills of Boulder, Colorado with my husband and 4 Alaskan Klee Kai dogs.

Alexa Kate Design

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Poppy Days,Coffee Break,Autumn Hues