Black & White with a Touch of Bright

Victoria Borges has created a modern menagerie of cute animal portraits with coordinating patterns in black and white and pops of bright colors. Portraits of a llama, elephant, bear, cat, puppy dog, squirrel, hedgehog and lion are featured in a 36-inch panel with blocks measuring approximately 9.5-inches by 11.5-inches. They are also featured in an all-over patchwork with rectangles measuring roughly 2.5-inches by 3-inches. The patchwork comes in two color options – one that is all black and white and the other option is black and white with accents of bright colors. Additional patterns include a stadium layout of all the animals in black and white, a rainbow all-over, a tossed alphabet in two color stories, a black and white stripe with colorful paint splashes and a variety of other coordinating geometric patterns. The color palette is black and white with accents of lime, cobalt blue, fuchsia, tangerine, pewter and teal.

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by Victoria Borges

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