Country Living

John Keeling is BACK! Prepared to be mesmerized by another astounding, digitally printed collection by John for 3 Wishes fabric. In this 8-piece collection, which focuses on the beauty and serenity of Country Living, there are 2 focal panels around which the entire collection is based. The 1st panel measures 36” x 42” and features a working farm in the daylight hours. A rustic barn with a vintage truck are the centerpieces of the panel and are surrounded by farm animals and lush greenery and summer flowers. The 2nd panel measures 24” x 42” and features a nighttime barn scene with fireflies in flight, cows alongside their water trough, and a windmill. Like the panels, the other 6 designs are created in John Keeling’s mesmerizing watercolor-style and includes a tossed vintage truck and tractor, fireflies on a textural nighttime background, an allover patch which features a variety of different farm scenes, chickens on wire texture, a cowhide print, and a gorgeous summer meadow.

Shipping January 2024

by John Keeling

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