Folk Flora

Folk Flora by Caroline Alfreds is a 5-SKU collection that is grounded in rich tones and highlights beautiful butterflies, gorgeous flowers, an intricate geometric, and an irregular patch that includes all the elements. The two butterfly designs are distinctive in that one is a tossed allover and the other is a fixed design with butterflies that are framed with small scale foliage. The bright floral is exceptionally arranged in a repeating diamond-like pattern which is uniquely distinctive from typical floral designs. The irregular patch features blocks of different sizes that showcase a variety of “mix and match” patterns such as geometrics, butterflies, flowers, floral sprays, etc. An intricate, brilliant geometric inspired by traditional quilt blocks completes the collection. Caroline Alfreds has brought the beauty of flora to life with her modern folk style in this new collection for 3 Wishes fabric.

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by Caroline Alfreds

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