Huggable & Loveable XI

To add a bit more whimsy to this loveable fabric book collection, Sandra has super-sized the ears, the umbrella and the heart of the books’ appendages. There’s “Mouse in the House” where the ears are large and floppy. There’s “Lots of Love” which features a large heart on top of a mommy and baby elephant. There’s “If Kisses were Raindrops” which has a big red umbrella on top. There’s “You Are a Gift to me” which is a puppy with floppy ears. There’s the “WOW” book that features a cow with floppy ears. Then there’s “You’re My Little Sweet Pea” which has a great big green leaf at the top of the peapod where the mom and baby pea are resting. Your loved ones will enjoy learning and playing with these one-yard, easy to make, fabric books for hours.

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by Sandra Magsamen

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