Laundry Room

Chelsea DesignWorks’ collection, Laundry Room, will definitely make doing laundry much more fun. This 18-sku line is created in a modern farmhouse palette of black, white and a range of grays. The patterns include a 24 inch panel, irons, ironing boards, lost socks, some cheeky tossed undies, soap bubbles, clothes pins, hangers, folded clothes and a very helpful word pattern that provides instructions on how to get some problem stains out of clothing! Besides all these great novelty prints, Chelsea DesignWorks has also added a pretty floral and a cotton plant all-over so you can make your projects more decorative if you choose. The opportunities to make great home décor projects and quilting as well as crafting endeavors are boundless! Just Colors! and Peppered Cottons by Pepper Cory are perfect coordinates..

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by Chelsea DesignWorks

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