Lorenzo Tempesta

I was born in Milan, Italy. Since I was a child, I loved drawing animals, dinosaurs and dragons. I specialized in naturalistic illustration. In the last 20 years I focused my attention on creating realistic images of dinosaurs and prehistoric animals.
I collaborate with national and foreign publishers, such as National Geographic, The Smithsonian Institute, Random House, Readerlink, Firecrest Publishing, Geoworld, Fleurus, Mondadori and other important publishers and advertising agencies in Italy.

In April 2014, the Museum of Paleontology of Naples hosted a permanent exhibition dedicated to my illustrations of dinosaurs. In the summer of 2016, The Science Museum of Camerino hosted an exhibition of my paleo-art called, “Emotions from the Past.” Since 1990, I have been a member of Italian Illustrators Association. I love my sons, nature (especially the sea), scuba diving, my motorbike and traveling.

Lorenzo Tempesta

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