October 2021 Release

  • Arctic Wonder - Glitter

    Arrolyn Weiderhold’s “Arctic Wonder” for 3 Wishes fabric depicts a fantastical, frozen landscape. This 10-sku collection includes 5 skus that are finished with an allover silver glitter and 5 skus that are enhanced by gold metallic accents. Each design portrays the magic of polar nights, whether it be the animals of the sea or on land, celestial starscapes, phases of the moon or the majesty of the Aurora Borealis re-imagined in amazing textural designs.

    Ships July 2022

    by Arrolyn Weiderhold

  • Dogs in the City - Digital

    Introducing 3 Wishes fabric’s newest designer, Weekday Best. “Dogs in the City” is a vibrant & graphic 8-piece digital line that is set against a city backdrop and showcases a range of love-able, four-legged friends. The use of vivid color and graffiti art creates a compelling mix of designs. The central, portrait-style 34” x 42” panel includes dogs of all shapes and sizes that are framed in brilliant textures. The other skus include a dynamic patch, city skyline, paw prints in dazzling colors, graffiti hearts, paint cans with dog faces, and so much more. This is the “ulti-mutt” collection!

    Ships July 2022

    by Weekday Best

  • Flower Junction

    Inspired by the beauty of a spring farmer’s market, “Flower Junction” by Jennifer Ellory is a 10-sku collection with a design focus on beautiful floral blooms, vintage red trucks, and butterflies. This collection includes an allover patch design featuring seed packets & vintage “Floral Market” signage, an allover patchwork of beautiful, tonal designs, and watering cans with cascading blooms.

    Ships July 2022

    by Jennifer Ellory

  • Friendship Forest - Flannel

    In this adorable 5-piece flannel collection from Katie Yost for 3 Wishes fabric, you will find sweet woodland animals, rainbows, and floral blooms set against a backdrop of pinks, yellows, and light aqua.o;s sleigh set against a nighttime backdrop and a gorgeous, life-like Christmas tree close-up.

    Ships July 2022

    by Katie Yost

  • Nature Walk - Digital

    “Nature Walk” by Abraham Hunter for 3 Wishes fabric is a 7-sku digital collection that portrays the beauty of nature. This autumn-themed offering includes a 34” x 42” landscape panel that depicts a lakeside cabin nestled amongst the trees amidst a brilliant sunrise. This life-like collection will transport you to the serenity of the forest with other skus that include ducks in flight, curious bears, gorgeous sunflowers, and babbling brooks.

    Ships July 2022

    by Abraham Hunter

  • Oh My Safari

    In this adorable 5-piece flannel collection from Katie Yost for 3 Wishes fabric, you will find sweet safari animals and animal prints set against a neutral palette of mints and grays.

    Ships July 2022

    by Katie Yost

  • Power of the Elements - Digital

    “Power of the Elements” by Josephine Wall is a captivating, 9-piece digitally printed collection that focuses on the power of Josephine’s signature goddesses and the beauty of the seasons. Within this collection, the 34” x 42” portrait-style panel highlights a goddess of winter, autumn, spring/summer, and all of the seasons. Incredible and fantastical imagery abounds in the other skus found within- howling wolves, snow globes that transport to mystical lands, brilliant flowers, and striking textural designs.

    Ships July 2022

    by Josephine Wall

  • Snowfall on the Range - Digital

    Once again, John Keeling creates a gorgeous digital collection for 3 Wishes fabric that emphasizes the majesty of horses. “Snowfall on the Range” is a 9-sku collection created in John Keeling’s signature watercolor-style that depicts a wintry, pastoral landscape. The collection includes 2, 34” x 42” panels- one that depicts horses and a red barn amidst a brilliant sunrise and one that portrays a pack of horses running through the snow banks. Other designs include an allover red truck, a linear horse design featuring diverse types of horses, a textural sunrise design, allover packed horses, and a patch that features varying horse scenes.

    Ships July 2022

    by John Keeling

  • Tropicolor Birds - Digital

    “Tropicolor Birds” by Connie Haley is “M-PECK-ABLE!” This digital, 8-piece collection from 3 Wishes’ top-selling designer is a brilliant mix of incredible design and vivid color. The collection is anchored by 2 panels. The 1st panel, 34” x 42”, features 9 squares that each showcase varying birds in motion. The 2nd panel, measuring 24” x 42”, highlights birds perched on a branch in a tropical setting. Other designs include an allover cockatoo, an allover bird design with Connie’s signature paint splatter, a feather rainbow texture, birds in flight, birds in and out of cages, and a dazzling, ombre palm tree.

    Ships July 2022

    by Connie Haley

  • You Light My Way Gnome

    In “You Light My Way Gnome”, Deane Beesley has brought the magical world of gnomes to life. This 10-piece collection features sweet gnomes & owls set in a woodland village surrounded by Ladybug Lake and Mount Mushroom. Designs include an allover gnome patch with sayings such as, “My Gnome is Your Home” and “There’s No Place Like Gnome.” The autumnal color palette and fall foliage designs make this collection a great option for Fall.

    Ships July 2022

    by Deane Beesley