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  • American Style

    This new patriotic collection from Chelsea DesignWorks features a 36-inch panel of a large medallion that is cleverly used in an easy free quilt project – make sure to check it out on the free projects page. The collection is designed around the theme of medallions, which are very on trend right now. Coordinating patterns include an all-over medallion, several star patterns in a variety of scales and colors, a wide flag stripe that is great for borders and sashing, an all-over ribbon pattern and a must-have geometric. The palette is in patriotic colors of red, white and blue.

    Ships November 2020

    by Chelsea DesignWorks

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  • Blooming Ocean - Digital

    Blooming Ocean is a new underwater collection by Pam Vale for Studio e Fabrics. Using a painted watercolor technique, sea creatures are patterned with flowers and underwater foliage to create a garden fantasy. A nine-inch block pattern of dolphins, octopuses, seahorses and crabs are set against a variety of background patterns and scenes. Other coordinates include a tossed all-over octopuses garden, a patterned crab scattered among flowers, a tossed dolphin tone-on-tone, a jellyfish texture, a seaweed all-over in two color combinations, colorful fish, a starfish and fish tone-on-tone in dark blue and a colorful narrow beach stripe. Colors are a range of blues from deep blue to aqua, seaweed greens, coral pinks and accents of red and yellow.

    Ships November 2020

    by Pam Vale

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  • Bunny Meadows - Digital

    Bunnies are cute, cuddly and very approachable creatures. In some cultures, the rabbit is a symbol of prosperity and abundance. If you have a rabbit totem in your life, it means that you have no problem expressing happiness and affection when it comes to people you love. This adorable creature inspired Kayomi Harai to create her latest fabric collection for Studio e Fabrics. “Bunny Meadows” is a mesmerizing collection that includes a cute running bunny allover, a Bunny Meadow banner panel, running yardage blocks, a critter tossed allover print, a packed bunny print, a bunny medallion print, a floral, a dancing butterfly print, a carrot plaid print and a flora and fauna design. This versatile collection will add an adorable touch to quilts, décor and more.

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    Shipping November 2020

    by Kayomi Harai