Sarah Frederking

Sarah has been creating some form of art for as long as she can remember.

Her career started as an advertising art director and turned into a hand-lettering artist. Her interest in typography, and the various moods it creates, led her to build a successful business creating custom type solutions and hand scripts for advertising agencies and design studios across the nation. Every assignment was a unique challenge and required an exploration of styles and techniques to create the desired look.

As technology changed, Sarah captured the opportunity to take these same skills into her other passions of color and pattern. Exploring an equally diverse range of illustration styles, Sarah's icons and pattern collections range from whimsical to traditional, but always with a contemporary flare. Her colorful designs have been licensed to a variety of giftware and home décor manufacturers. She provides everything from traditional scrolled patterns to brushed icons and whimsical characters such as those in her first quilting collection, Farm Friends, for Studioe Fabrics.

The mother of two grown children, both pursuing their own creative endeavors, Sarah lives just outside of Chicago. In her free time, she enjoys gardening, walking and biking.

Sarah Frederking

Designer Collections

Into the Woods,Little Explorers,Gone Wild