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  • Alpha-Fish

    The “Alpha Fish” collection consists of a variety of fish designs including; an alphabet block fabric, a book, a 36” x 44” banner panel and smaller fish coordinates in palette of brilliant color.Studio e’s Peppered Cottons, and Just Color! are excellent coordinates for this collection and they are used liberally throughout the free projects.

    by Art Loft

  • Autumn Hues

    Autumn has a new modern color palette shown in this collection by Alexa Kate Design, a new designer for Studioe Fabrics. The icons of squirrels, acorns, pumpkins, birds and falling leaves are vibrant and full of motion as the swirls of autumn flow through the color play. This collection has a panel, border stripe, tossed dots, leaves and acorns.

    Ships in April 2018

    by Alexa Kate Design

  • Big Love

    Modern and clean, this collection includes a large 36” panel in bright multi colors, along with hearts, words, love letters, X’s and O’s and two engineered patterns- a border stripe and a running yardage block pattern. Colors are bright and the free patterns are simple and fun. The collection works well with Peppered Cottons and Just Color!

    by Studio E Fabrics

  • Cattitude

    If you love cats with an attitude, Cattitude by Ginger Oliphant is the ideal collection for you. This 12 piece collection for Studio E fabrics includes a 24”X 44” panel and running yardage consisting of 6” square blocks of individual cats that will make you smile. These squares are very versatile for lots of different projects. The main colors of this collection are blue, black, burgundy and white which give the group a very contemporary look. We suggest some of the Just Color! and Peppered Cotton basics to complement your projects.

    by Ginger Oliphant

  • Cupcake Café

    Cupcakes, candies and all kinds of sweet treats are the themes of Laura’s first line for Studio e Fabrics. This collection has a 24” panel and a range of coordinates in sugary frosting colors. Jars of candy, fancy cakes and cake stands all add to its sweet delight.  

    by Laura Stone

  • Dancing Wings

    The Dancing Wings collection includes butterfly and dragonfly varieties illustrated in brilliant color. There is an eclectic selection of designs, both modern and textural. Studio e’s Peppered Cottons are excellent coordinates for this collection and they are used liberally throughout the free projects.

    by Jennifer Brinley

  • Dream Catcher Flannel

    Dream Catchers was so popular on cotton that we have reprinted it on our quilters 2-ply flannel. There is a 24” panel perfect for little girls, the soft pink pallet with touches of aqua are so feminine. There are dream catchers, tee pees, butterflies and feathers. All are done in a delicate style.

    by Lucie Crovatto

  • Ducky Tales

    Lucie Crovatto is a proven talent from the Studioe Fabric designer team. Her previous successes include Dream Catchers, Mermaid Dreams, Bunny Tales and Joy, Love, Peace. It only takes a minute in Instagram and Pinterest to see the beautiful projects that have been created with Lucie Crovatto designs. And next in the journey is Ducky Tales in two color ways. Following the same formula of a panel in each color, tossed ducks, dots, a stripe and a ducky story book.

    Ship in May 2018

    by Lucie Crovatto

  • Fun and Games II

    The Fun and Games III collection is composed of simple juvenile/baby patterns that are also in the Just Be-Gauze line, but these are printed on 60 x 60 cotton. Fun loving frogs, rubber duckies, foxes, safari animals and a nautical print are some of the designs that are sure to please every taste. Colors range from medium pastels to fun primaries, all on white grounds.This is a 10 SKU collection at a great price point.

    by Studio E Fabrics

  • Hello Baby 2 Ply Flannel

    “Hello Baby” by Sharla Fults is a 2 ply flannel line that will welcome any baby.Sweet elephants, mom and baby, hearts, balloons and tiny mice also add to the sweetness of this line.The panel is 36 inches wide, perfect for a quick baby quilt.There are 15 sku’s in two distinct color stories for boy or girl.

    by Sharla Fults

  • Little Explorers

    A global view to the animals we love and where we live as explorers on the Earth. An animal patchwork, a border stripe, two panels and a fabric storybook all completed with a nice selection of tossed animal prints. A word print with the continents serve as a teaching tool for project makers who want to serve their school aged young ones. Ships in June.

    by Sarah Frederking

    Shipping Now

  • Me and My Ghoul Friends

    Dt-K Signature is the designer whose claim to fame is “Witchy, Cheeky Wee Pumpkins & Cheeky Wee.” Without resting on her laurels, here she comes again with a darling collection for Halloween. Me and My Ghoul Friends shows off witches, ghosts, spiders and all things spooky and fun in the palette of the season. Stars, dots and stripes round out the collection.

    Shipping Now

    by DT-K Signature

  • Off We Go

    This is the second collection by Laura Stone for Studio e Fabrics. Cars, trains, airplanes and hot air balloons are featured in this kid’s transportation collection. A 36” panel and a fun book are the focal designs. Giant polka dots in multi colors add a playful accent. Colors are bright primaries.

    Shipping Now

    by Laura Stone

  • Parks & Recreation

    Hit the wide open road with this camping-themed collection. Mountain landscapes, campers, camping icons, utility knives and a fun toasted marshmallow and s'mores pattern are included in this group. The collection combines well with the Peppered Cottons line.

    by Studio E Fabrics

  • Peppermint Reindeer

    Studio Meraki is a new studio working with Studioe Fabrics. Bright greens, reds and a crisp white are the baseline for this collection. The panel is the word JOY with a mother reindeer and young buck exchanging a holiday kiss. A simple silhouette of the town with reindeer flying overhead is a fantastic border stripe that can be used in lots of ways in seasonal projects.

    Shipping Now

    by Studio Meraki

  • Potpourri 108"

    by Studio E Fabrics

  • Unicorn Kisses

    “Unicorn Kisses” by Lucie Crovatto touches on the fantasy of all little girls.Castles, flying unicorns and rainbows all add to the mystical world that can be created for little girls décor. A 24” panel featuring a dancing unicorn is the feature for this collection.There is also a block print (blocks measure approx. 7 inch squares).Smiling clouds and tiny hearts also add to this sweet collection by Lucie.

    by Lucie Crovatto


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