Tracy Ann

Tracy Ann's art conveys sensitivity and whimsy with a nip of humor and heart. Her creative technique pairs water media and drawing with digital painting. Tracy Ann's focus on natural history illustration lends her art and graphic talents to supporting wilderness and conservation with keepsakes, gifts, collectibles, home decor, Christmas themes and children's books.

Tracy has worked as an artist with Hallmark Cards, various gift and collectible companies that service Yellowstone, Yosemite and The Rocky Mountain National Parks, The Seattle Zoo and Aquarium, Art Licensing in the UK and US, children's story books for independent authors including her own books and private commissions. In addition to her creative work, Tracy has her own pet sitting business where she cares for pets while their owners are away from home. Her animal clients include many kinds of dogs, cats, habitat pets, ducks, geese and a 19-year-old goat named Shadow. Shadow likes to hang out with his mom watching television. Tracy Lives in the Sacramento area with her family.

Tracy Ann

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