Urban Sketchbook

Introducing new designer, Justin Stafford of Keaton Quilts, to Studio E Fabrics. Take a tour with Justin and his sketchbook around the parks and gardens of New York City. Justin shows his love of the city combined with his love of Liberty-style florals by mixing his drawings of urban images with summery flowers. Included in the Urban Sketchbook collection are a 10-inch scenic block pattern, a wide scenic border stripe, food trucks, pretzels, take-out coffee cups, pizza slices and hotdogs. A taxi pattern, skyscrapers and brownstones with florals are all part of this fresh, modern collection. The palette is a punchy combination of fuchsia, magenta, lavender, lime, Aegean blue and yellow along with black linework and white grounds. The collection is perfect for sewing, home décor and quilting projects.

Shipping December 2022

by Justin Stafford of Keaton Quilts

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