Watercolor Sketchbook

Watercolor Sketchbook is Grace Popp’s third collection for Studio e Fabrics. Grace is a well-known watercolor artist and her newest line is a 12 sku assortment of an artist’s view of natural elements. Painted in her delicate style, the collection has a 36-inch panel of a misty woodland scene, a repeating 10.5-inch square block pattern of floral wreaths and birds, all-over patterns of flowers, birds, tossed flowers and an on-trend marble and stone design with accents of faux metallic gold to give the collection a sophisticated appeal. Colored in soft charcoals, grays and black with accents of faux gold, this palette works well with a modern farmhouse décor as well as with contemporary chic furnishings or a modern nursery.

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by Grace Popp

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