Wild Wild West

The Wild Wild West collection by Art Loft features wild horses in their natural habits, whether it be the mesas of southern Colorado, the Virginia Range in Nevada, the Badlands of the Dakotas or the mountains of Wyoming and Montana. The wild mustang, free from the constraints of a saddle and spurs, roaming the vast expanse with a wind-swept mane, has long been a powerful symbol of the American West. Horses played a huge role in the development of the West. Without horses, the cowboys would not have been able to thrive as they did and still do. This commemorates the essence of the West and is perfect to create a quilt for the horse lover in your life. This Wild Wild West fabric collection has some unique designs including a sizeable wild horse panel 24”x 44”. This panel can be used as a whole cloth or cut into two squares measuring 20” x 20” for more quilting fun. The coordinating fabrics include a bandana border stripe, a paisley allover, a leatherwork swirl design and more wild horses. These designs provide endless options for your quilted creations.

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