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Congratulations to Janet Tyner for winning the Peppered Cottons giveaway!  Today Studioe is giving away a twenty-piece 18 x 21 quarter cuts bundle of the Pirouette line.  To enter to win, all you have to do is use the Gleam box below.   

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Pirouette Giveaway

Tales Of A Fourth Generation Textile Executive: Is Quilt Market Becoming Less Important?

Hi Everybody,

Did you miss me?  I am sure you were feeling a major void with no blog last week.  Not! 

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I hate to be blunt and negative, but this was probably the worst market I have been to and I am starting to question the future and importance of quilt markets.  Before I get in to this discussion though, I want to draw your attention to a couple Studioe fabrics that got buzz this market.  Please ask your rep to see these lines or check them out at www.studioefabrics.com

Pepper Cory has done it again with Brushstrokes, a 16 color line of Stripeish Textures.  This line was such a hit that 2 of our sample bundles displayed in the booth were stolen.  I was as shocked as you are. 

This is what the free project for Brushstrokes looks like.

Dt-K Signature, who created the best selling Studioe line ever, Cheeky Pumpkins, released a new line called Happy Camper which has the most adorable old fashion campers.  I am not talking about the kids that go to summer camp either, I am talking about those things that you hook on to your car. 

Happy Camper

By The Sea was another hit.  This was the follow up line to Natural Wonders (quilt featured in the Studioe booth) by Elizabeth Isles.  The concept was to have a line that looked like batiks, but was really printed and a bit less expensive than batiks.  

By the Sea

So back to the discussion at hand, what is the deal with Quilt Market?  Here are the problems as I saw and see them:

  • The cost for US shops to come to market is becoming prohibitive.
  • Why schlep to Minnesota when the reps can come right to your shop and sell to you in a pleasant and less stressful environment?
  • For International customers it is becoming cost prohibitive too.
  • The US dollar strength and volatility are wreaking havoc on our international customers’ businesses.

Those are the critical problems in a nutshell and it is really sad, but it is reality.  Our companies, like many others out there, spend tons of money to come to these shows and it is a little depressing when the customers don’t show or they don’t buy.  This year however, we saw this trend coming so we downsized all of our booths and kept members of the team in Minnesota for fewer days.  So what does this mean for Quilt Market?  I am not sure, but I heard some interesting things that I want to share.  I heard that the people at Quilts Inc. have already committed to 8 more years of 2 quilt markets/year.  That being said, nothing is changing any time soon.  I also heard that the people at Quilts Inc. were walking around doing surveys and asking questions.  One question was:  what would you think of one market a year?  Perhaps that is the future.  What do you think?  I would love to hear your comments and insights.

Until next week,

Skeptical Scott


May Neutral Peppered Cottons Giveaway

Congratulations Linda Thompson for winning the Peppered Cottons giveaway! For today’s giveaway, Studioe is continuing with your favorite. Today we are giving away another 18 x 21 quarter cut bundle of our Peppered Cottons! To enter this giveaway, use the Gleam box below.  Good luck and don’t forget to tell your friends!

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Peppered Cottons Giveaway

May Peppered Cottons Giveaway


Congratulations Lisa Marie for winning the Pearle giveaway! Today’s giveaway is certainly a favorite. Today we are giving away 18 x 21 quarter cuts of our Peppered Cottons! To enter this giveaway, we are testing out a new method. Below the photo you will find a giveaway box. There you will enter your name and email to log in, then choose which methods you would like to enter. We are trying this because it will allow us to verify winners and contact them much more easily.  Good luck and don’t forget to tell your friends!

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Peppered Cottons Giveaway

Tales Of A Fourth Generation Textile Executive: Just Another Crazy Monday With My Dad


Last Monday at around 6 pm I was walking to Penn Station with my dad to go catch the 611 train.  We travel on the same Long Island Railroad line together which is great…especially on this day.  Around 605 we peered down the steep stairway to the Penn Station lobby level and had no idea what was in store for us.  My dad opted for the escalator and I opted for the steps…literally within arms length of each other.


Around a quarter the way down I looked over at my dad who looked pale.  He was complaining during the day that he wasn’t feeling well.  I guess you now know where this is going.  I asked him if he wanted some water.  He said, “No thanks” and then muttered, “Stay close.”  STAY CLOSE?  STAY CLOSE?  This is when I wished I was on the escalator with him, but at this point there can be no regrets.  No looking back in the rear view mirror.  About halfway down the stairs I hear a tussle and turn back to see what the commotion was about. What happens next turns out to be some of the craziest and scariest 10 minutes of my life that felt like an eternity. 


I see my dad with his armpit hanging over the escalator railing, holding himself up, and with a blank stare and pale white face he says something like, “What is going on?”  He fainted somewhere between that comment and reaching the bottom of the stairs.  This is when my adrenaline kicked in and I hopped in to action remaining as focused as possible the whole time.  I ran to the bottom of the stairs and started climbing up the escalator in the wrong direction to reach him.  Mind you that some of this is a blur because it all happened so fast, but I somehow managed to pull him off the escalator and got him in a comfortable position.  He still looked pale and had a glazed over look, but as I kept smacking his face he kept responding…which definitely made me feel a little better.  I would have freaked out if he was unconscious.  He laid there for a couple minutes while annoying people gawked and cops started coming over.  I was begging for an ambulance.    


Suddenly he sat up and was like, “OK, I am good to go, let’s go home.”  For real?  No way man!  He was a little bit of a mess with his clothing disheveled and such.  So I helped him up, got him composed and we walked about 5 steps before I told him, “You need to sit back down fast.”  Good thing he did because within seconds he went all exorcist if you know what I mean.  It was raining blood and I was absolutely baffled by this occurrence.  I totally had no idea where that came from and I suddenly started to feel like I was in a Gray’s Anatomy episode.  My dad however was joking around and feeling much better at that point though.  Me on the other hand, I was totally traumatized and needed a Xanax or ten.  My dad didn’t remember anything from the time of saying, “Stay close” to after he exOrcised…that is not exErcised by the way.   


Fast forward to an ambulance ride and an arrival at the ER.  Diagnosis: silly dad hasn’t been taking his acid reflux meds and the acid gave him a bloody ulcer.  All this madness for an !@#$%^& ulcer!  Can you believe that?  I sure am happy that I was there to help because who knows what would have happened otherwise.  I am sure my dad would agree with that statement.  


After a couple of days in the hospital, he is now recovering and basically is just a little tired and weak from losing so much blood.  Aside from that he should be ok.  I told him if he didn’t want to go to the quilt market, he should have just said so. 

Wishing my dad a speedy recovery.  I love you man!  Stop messing with me like this!


Grandpa with my boys at IHOP.


Until next time,

Shell Shocked Scott

PS….No blog next week as I will be at quilt market…sorry. 



May Pearle Giveaway


Congratulations N.l. Hilderbrand for winning the Rush Hour giveaway! This week Studioe is giveaway one 18″ x 21″ quarter cut bundle of our Pearle line. To enter to win, all you have to do is comment this post.  You can also comment any link of this post on the Facebook page for an extra entry.  

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Pearle giveaway



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Tales Of A Fourth Generation Textile Executive: Thank You (TY) Very Much


As the team prepares for the next quilt market and 85th anniversary celebration, of when my great grandfather started the business, I wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you (TY), TY team and TY fabric world.  There are so many people involved with running our family business and I can’t say TY to them all the time and I just can’t say it enough no matter how hard I try. 


Image result for thank you


So let’s start here.  TY grandpa Jack for starting the business…who knows what would be of our family without your courage.  TY grandpa Everett and uncle Dan for continuing the business that grandpa Jack started.  TY dad for taking the business to the next level and having the foresight to pursue other fabric venues i.e. quilt shop business and chain business versus the women’s sleepwear that was our mainstay.  TY for getting us past the third generation who typically has the stigma of ruining the generational run.  In short, TY to my entire family for the support to keep the business going.


TY to all of the different people that we purchased all of our current businesses from.  As you may or may not know, the only company that we have that wasn’t purchased is the original Jaftex Company.  Jaftex doesn’t really sell fabric under that name per se, but Studioe is a division of Jaftex in case you were wondering.  We do need to keep that name for corporate structure purposes.


TY to all of our nearly 80 dedicated in house employees.  TY designers, artists, cad operators, salesmen, convertors, managers, customer service reps, credit managers, bookkeepers, secretaries, assistants, sales managers, social media team, analysts and everyone else in between.  TY to all of the multi-line reps carrying our Henry Glass line and TY to all of our brand new dedicated sales reps who carry Studioe, Blank and A.E. Nathan.  TY for opening our eyes to the new world of exclusive sales reps.  So far so good….keep it up!  TY to our US and international distributors for helping us to make sure that our fabrics make it to all corners of the world.  TY to all of the amazing licensed designers that have joined our team and have been so dedicated to our business.


TY to our great customers for your continued faith in our fabrics.  TY for taking the time to see our reps and being patient with them while they show you everything we have to offer.  TY for promoting our fabrics in your shop and online.  TY for your honest communication and great suggestions.  TY for telling us when we aren’t perfect as we realize things aren’t perfect in the fabric world, but if we aren’t advised of the problems, we can’t rectify them.  So don’t be afraid to let us know if you have a problem.  TY for paying your bills promptly.  TY you to your customers who are deciding to pick our fabrics up from your shops among the millions of other choices they have.  Without you, we would be nothing and I would have no one to thank.  So TY for keeping the art of quilting and sewing alive.  TY to everyone that socializes with us on all of our social media venues. 


TY to everyone working in the two contract warehouses that we use.  TY for shipping as quickly as possible.  TY for double and rolling as neatly as possible.  TY for trying to ship orders as complete as possible.  TY for not losing too much of our inventory. TY to the UPS, FEDEX and other truckers who deliver the fabric.  TY to all of our loyal suppliers and everyone associated with them all around the world in places like:  Korea, China, Pakistan, Thailand, Indonesia, Japan & India to name a few.  It is hard to imagine, but before fabric gets to the ultimate consumer it is probably touched by around 10 people if not more.  So TY to those 10 people.


I hope I didn’t miss anyone, but if I did, it wasn’t intentional.  So TY to anyone that I missed.  TY, TY and TY again. 


Image result for thank you     

TY Goodnight!

Thankful Scott              

May Rush Hour Giveaway


Congratulations to Paul Hallinger for winning the Peppered Cottons giveaway! Today Studioe is giving away a bundle of the Rush Hour line.  To enter to win, all you have to do is comment this post. You can also comment any link of this post on the Studioe Fabrics Facebook page for an extra entry. 

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