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StyleFabric CollectionDesigner   In Store
Novelty Welcome to Our Neighborwood Mel Rowlands Coming Soon October 2021
Flannel 108" Tranquil Flannel II 108" Studio E Fabrics No Project October 2021
Novelty Sweet Dreams Victoria Hutto October 2021
Holiday/Novelty Snow Dog Express Geoff Allen October 2021
Fall/Harvest Simply Gold Studio E Fabrics October 2021
Halloween Midnight Magic Grace Popp October 2021
Holiday-Christmas Merry Town Sharla Fults October 2021
Novelty It's Elementary Pam Bocko October 2021
Geometric Geofetti II Art Loft October 2021
Holiday 108" First Frost 108" Studio E Fabrics No Project October 2021
Floral Dark Forest Melissa Wang October 2021
Holiday-Christmas Chickadee Christmas Choir Lucie Crovatto October 2021
Fall/Harvest Autumn Flourish Art Loft October 2021
Novelty Auburn Fox Kayomi Harai October 2021
Holiday Alpine Ski Victoria Borges October 2021
Holiday-Christmas 12 Days of Christmas Sue Ellen Brown October 2021
Novelty Warm Winter Wishes Lucie Crovatto June 2021
Patriotic Stars & Stripes Forever Diane Eichler August 2021
Juvenile Safari Surprise Diane Eichler August 2021
Novelty Reef Life - Digital Lorenzo Tempesta July 2021
Novelty Rainbow Dragon - Digital Sue Ellen Brown July 2021
Floral Poppy Days Alexa Kate September 2021
Novelty I'm Buggin Out Chelsea DesignWorks September 2021
Floral Hummingbird Heaven Elizabeth Isles August 2021
Wide Backs Bloom 108" Chelsea DesignWorks July 2021
Fabric Books Huggable & Loveable X Sandra Magsamen July 2021
Geo Birthstsone Bling - Digital Chelsea DesignWorks July 2021
Geo Black & White with a Touch of Bling Victoria Borges August 2021
Nature Jewels of the Jungle-Digital Lori Anzalone February 2021
Floral Le Poulet Jennifer Brinley January 2021
Novelty Mermaid in Blue Jeans Chelsea DesignWorks January 2021
Novelty Roamin' Holiday Pam Bocko of Pieceful Designs December 2020
Floral Sunny Sunflowers Sharla Fults January 2021
Tonal Touch of White III StudioE Fabrics No Project January 2021
GeoMetric Tranquil 108" 2-Ply Flannel StudioE Fabrics No Project January 2021
Patriotic American Style Chelsea Designworks November 2020
Novelty Believe in Magic Eric Sturtevant December 2020
Floral Blooming Ocean-Digital Pam Vale November 2020
Novelty Bunny Meadows-Digital Kayomi Harai November 2020
Geometric Geofetti-Digital Art Loft October 2020
Fabric Books Huggable & Loveable IX Sandra Magsamen December 2020
Floral Midnight Hydrangea Laura Stone December 2020
Basic Peppered Cottons-NEW COLORS Pepper Cory September 2020
Geometric Spin Art-Digital Chelsea Designworks October 2020
Novelty The Joy of Painting-Digital Bob Ross October 2020
Novelty America Home of the Brave Sharla Fults Shipping Now
Novelty Bee a Keeper DT-K Signature Shipping Now
Novelty Boho Baby Diane Eichler Shipping Now
Floral Butterfly Dreams Jennifer Brinley Shipping Now
Novelty Cheekyville DT-K Signature Shipping Now
Holiday Christmas Joy Art Loft Shipping Now
Novelty Coffee Break Alexa Kate Design Shipping Now
Accessories E Towels Studio E No Collection Images No Project Shipping Now
Novelty Fairy Land Studio E Shipping Now
Floral Farmers Market Geoff Allen No Collection Images Shipping Now
Floral Feather & Flora Elizabeth Isles No Collection Images Shipping Now
Novelty Gone Wild Sarah Frederking Shipping Now
Novelty Hearts of Love Sharla Fults Shipping Now
Novelty Heritage USA Grace Popp Shipping Now
Novelty Holiday Road Trip DT-K Signature Shipping Now
Holiday Holly Jolly Christmas Sharla Fults Shipping Now
Books Huggable and Loveable Sandra Magsamen No Project Shipping Now
Tonal Just Color! Studio E Shipping Now
Novelty Little Explorers Sarah Frederking Shipping Now
Geo 108 Matrix Digital -108 Chelsea DesignWorks No Project Shipping Now
Tonal Modern Batiks Studio E Shipping Now
Novelty Monster Lab Dana Saulnier Shipping Now
Floral Ocean State Pam Vale Shipping Now
Tonal 108 Oval Essence 108 Studio E No Project Shipping Now
Basic Peppered Cottons Pepper Cory Shipping Now
Basic 108 Peppered Cottons 108 Pepper Cory Shipping Now
Novelty Polar Pals 2-Ply Flannel Studio E Shipping Now
Novelty Puparazzi Pups Mark McKeown Shipping Now
Novelty Red, White & Starry Blue Studio E Shipping Now
Novelty Salty Dogs Geoff Allen Shipping Now
Novelty Saved By The Bell Studio E Shipping Now
Novelty Snowy Magic Victoria Borges Shipping Now
Novelty Summerlicious Lucie Crovatto No Collection Images Shipping Now
Floral Thankful And Blessed Sharla Fults Shipping Now
Geo 108 Transparencies 108 Studio E No Collection Images No Project Shipping Now
Floral 108 Watercolor Meadow 108 Studio E No Project Shipping Now
Floral Wildflower Farm Shannon Hays Shipping Now
Floral Woodland Wonders Elizabeth Isles Shipping Now
Holiday Yuletide Cheer Laura Stone Shipping Now
Novelty A Jungle Story Eric Sturtevant August 2019
Geo Beauty in Bloom Chelsea DesignWorks September 2019
Novelty Coastal Dreams Sharla Fults September 2019
Novelty Loads of Fun Chelsea DesignWorks August 2019
Novelty Mermaids Rock Art Loft September 2019
Novelty Woodland Tea Time Lucie Crovatto August 2019
Novelty Boho Blooms Nancy Archer December 2019
Floral Butterfly Vortex Studio E October 2019
Novelty Color My World JVP Creations November 2019
Tonal Cream & Sugar IX Studio E No Project February 2020
Novelty Epic Owls Digital Kayomi Harai November 2019
Novelty Flamingo Beach Chelsea DesignWorks January 2020
Novelty Hello Spring Sharla Fults December 2019
Soft Books Huggable & Loveable VIII Sandra Magsamen No Project February 2020
Novelty Le Petit Jardin Dana Saulnier March 2020
Novelty Lost In Space Sharla Fults October 2019
Novelty Love Is Forever Sharla Fults November 2019
Novelty Owl's Woodland Adventure Sharla Fults March 2020
Novelty Running Free Kathleen Hill October 2019
Geo 108 Sonia 108 Digital Chelsea DesignWorks No Project November 2019
Floral Sweet Perfume Chelsea DesignWorks January 2020
Novelty Sea World Lorella Avinci February 2020
Tonal Snippets (Pearlescent) Chelsea DesignWorks No Project February 2020
Tonal Snippets II(Pearlescent) Chelsea DesignWorks No Project February 2021
Novelty The Lightkeeper's Quilt Quilt-ish of Cape Codi January 2020
Novelty Truckin' In The USA Chelsea DesignWorks January 2020
Novelty Vineyard Geoff Allen December 2019
Floral Watercolor Sketchbook Grace Popp March 2020
Floral Butterfly Paradise Elizabeth Isles March 2020
Holiday Christmas Memories Lucie Crovatto Coming Soon March 2020
Damask 108" Fiorenza 108" Digital Chelsea Designworks No Project March 2020
Harvest Harvest Moon Grace Popp Coming Soon April 2020
Holiday Home for the Holidays JVP Creations May 2020
Novelty Little Red Barn Viv Eisner April 2020
Winter Midwinter Song Laura Stone June 2020
Holiday Peace and Goodwill Anna Cheng May 2020
Tonal Prismachrome Chelsea Designworks No Project May 2020
Harvest Pumpkin Spice Nancy Archer April 2020
Juvenile Sew Kind Stitches by Charlotte Coming Soon April 2020
Winter Snow Place Like Home Stitches by Charlotte June 2020
Novelty Surfin' Hounds Tracy Ann Coming Soon June 2020
Tonal Adalee Chelsea Designworks July 2020
Geometric All Lined Up Judy Gauthier Coming Soon July 2020
Novelty American Muscle Chelsea Designworks July 2020
Novelty Bella Ballerina Lucie Crovatto September 2020
Sports Born to Score Studio E Fabrics July 2020
Novelty Buttermilk Farmstead Grace Popp August 2020
Novelty Fancy Cats Nancy Archer September 2020
Quilt Backs Just Color 108" Studio E Fabrics No Project July 2020
Novelty Panda Sanctuary - Digital Kayomi Harai July 2020
Quilt Backs Peppered Cottons 108" Pepper Cory No Project July 2020
Novelty Planetary Missions Studio E Fabrics September 2020
Novelty Wild Wild West Art Loft August 2020
Floral Blue Dreams Lucie Crovatto November 2021
Floral Butterfly Bliss Elizabeth Isles October 2021
Valentine Color My Valentine JVP Creations November 2021
Floral Deep Blue Sea Geoff Allen November 2021
Geo Equanimity - Digital Chelsea DesignWorks October 2021
Easter Happy Spring Sharla Fults November 2021
Floral Hydrangea Garden-Digital Jennie Lee Designs October 2021
Floral Koi Garden Nancy Archer December 2021
Novelty Laundry Room Chelsea DesignWorks October 2021
Patriotic My Happy Place Sharla Fults November 2021
Novelty Porkopolis Diane Eichler December 2021
Novelty Silent Sports Judy Gauthier December 2021
Novelty Juvenile Silly Safari Rena Asky October 2021
Quilt Backs Wiggle 108" Chelsea DesignWorks No Project September2021