108" Fabrics

  • Fiorenza - Digital 108"

    Reminiscent of worn patterns on ancient Italian walls, Fiorenza captures the beauty of decaying wallpaper and the gorgeous surfaces that are created. This digitally printed collection has seven color combinations ranging from pale neutrals to rich jewel tones. Ships in June 2020.

    Ships in June 2020

    by Chelsea DesignWorks

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  • Lazy Loops 108"

    by Studio E Fabrics

  • Matrix Digital 108"

    The geometric layered effect of the pattern is reminiscent of crystalline rock formations. Matrix 108” is a digitally printed fabric as it has many subtle colors and fine details. Perfect for home décor, whole cloth quilts as well as quilt backings, the design is being offered in 7 color combinations.

    Ships in June 2019

    by Chelsea Designworks

  • Oval Essence 108"

    by Studio E Fabrics

  • Solid Quilt Backs 108"

    by Studio E Fabrics

  • Sonia 108"

    Inspired by French abstract art, Sonia 108” is a digitally printed quilt back fabric of colorful curves and rhythms. There are four unique color combinations that are great for home décor as well.

    Ships in Now

    by Chelsea DesignWorks

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  • Touch of White 108"

    by Studio E Fabrics

  • Transparencies 108"

    This is the newest 108 inch collection from Studio e and it consists of a 6 piece collection of large, overlapping irregular ovals that create a transparent effect. Color combinations include a multi-colored palette on a black ground, pigment white, latte, fog gray, midnight black and royal blue. Delivery is September, 2018.

    Ships in September 2018

    by Studio E Fabrics

  • Watercolor Meadow 108"

    Beautiful watercolor designs, perfect for quilt backing on solid or geometric quilts. Digitally printed for vibrant colors

    Shipping Now

    by Studio E Fabrics


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