108" Fabrics

  • Lazy Loops 108"

    by Studio E Fabrics

  • Matrix Digital 108"

    The geometric layered effect of the pattern is reminiscent of crystalline rock formations. Matrix 108” is a digitally printed fabric as it has many subtle colors and fine details. Perfect for home décor, whole cloth quilts as well as quilt backings, the design is being offered in 7 color combinations.

    Ships in June 2019

    by Chelsea Designworks

  • Oval Essence 108"

    by Studio E Fabrics

  • Solid Quilt Backs 108"

    by Studio E Fabrics

  • Touch of White 108"

    by Studio E Fabrics

  • Transparencies 108"

    This is the newest 108 inch collection from Studio e and it consists of a 6 piece collection of large, overlapping irregular ovals that create a transparent effect. Color combinations include a multi-colored palette on a black ground, pigment white, latte, fog gray, midnight black and royal blue. Delivery is September, 2018.

    Ships in September 2018

    by Studio E Fabrics

  • Watercolor Meadow 108"

    Digitally Printed. 

    by Studio E Fabrics


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