Tales Of A Fourth Generation Textile Executive: Big Macher!

We interrupt this program for my regularly scheduled Tales Of A Fourth Generation Textile Executive blog that has nothing to do with that Free Sewing Machine Scott (FSMS) fellow.  I have had loads of blogs in the cue as I was trying to get ahead of my scheduled posts and then I was rudely sabotaged by this FSMS for like the last 3 weeks and I am not sure I see an end in sight.  Boring!  Annoying!  Free sewing machine….blah, blah, blah. Whatever!

This week I am bringing back an oldie but goodie. The Fabric Yenta is bbbbbbbbbaaaaaaaaccckkkkkkk! I am starting a new series under the Fabric Yenta moniker.   It’s called Big Macher.  I am going to sporadically talk about people that I meet in the fabric industry that I consider to be big machers.

If you didn’t know, a big macher is a Yiddish term for someone who is a big shot. I am going to lob a name out there.  This is a no-brainer to me. Pepper Cory is the first big macher that comes to my mind.  Pepper is so cool. She’s a true sage in our industry.  She knows everyone or should I say everyone knows her?   Not only am I happy that she is on my team, but she is also a friend and confidante.  Thank you Pepper, you BIG MACHER!

Big Macher #1!

By the way, if you are going to quilt market Pepper has a schoolhouse that you should attend especially if you want to meet a big macher among other things.  Besides meeting the big macher herself, at the schoolhouse, you can come and see some new works from industry designers using Peppered Cottons.  You can also learn how to adapt Pepper’s marketing program “RSVP-Designers” to create your own sales buzz and excitement in your shop.  I digress.

The timing of this blog is perfect because we are nearing in on quilt market and I am definitely expecting to see some potential big machers and chat them up for further additions of …..say it with me, BIG MACHER!!!!  (I hate multiple exclamation points, but I couldn’t help myself). Stay tuned.

Speaking of Quilt Market, I will be at booth 2319 (Studioe Fabrics) and booth 2218 (Blank Quilting).  Please come by and see me and all the new lines we are showing.  Also, you can take a look at the EverSewn sewing machines that FSMS is giving away.  Finally, if you would like to set up an appointment with me, please email me at scott@jaftex.com.

We interrupt this program for FSMS.  Darn it!  This FSMS dude doesn’t go away and he is driving me crazy, but making me happy nonetheless! I may have to boycott this clown or give him a beat down.  Oh, just go ahead already you big rude jerk….there is another winner to be announced, so I hope that Stephanie Hogan is reading this blog now.  Stephanie, may this sewing machine help to bring just a little happiness to your family during these difficult times.  Thanks for sharing your heart warming story!

Enjoy the rest of the week,

This is the Fabric Yenta and his alter-ego Free Sewing Machine Scott

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Author: Scott Fortunoff

Author of Tales of 4th Generation Textile Executive Blog. President of Studioe Fabrics, The Blank Quilting Corp. and A.E. Nathan Co., Inc. Co-President of FreeSpirit Fabrics. V-P of Henry Glass Fabrics. President of Scott’s Free Sewing Machines. Creator of the #sewrevolution.

9 thoughts on “Tales Of A Fourth Generation Textile Executive: Big Macher!”

  1. Pepper IS cool. Pepper IS a sage in the quilting / textile industry. And, now that I know what a Big Mather is, I wholeheartedly agree that Pepper Cory is, indeed, a Big Macher!! I am honored to know her! And, as for you, Fabric Yenta, FSMS, and Fourth Generation Textile Executive (AKA Scott Fortunoff): I look forward to seeing you again – this time at The Creative Place in Spring Hill, KS – next week!! Safe travels!

  2. Scott,
    Thank you for choosing our family as a winner! I am literally stunned with your generosity. I am keeping it a secret from my girls until it comes. I can’t wait to see those smiles and tell them the amazing story of how it came to be. I will keep you updated!

  3. My name is Christy Bengston. I am in Ukiah, California, and I’ve been getting sewing machines to fire survivors from the fire of October 8 and 9, 2017, here in Potter and Redwood Valley. I have gotten 28 machines to people who have lost everything. People from as far away as Southern California and north of us in Eureka, California, have sent us sewing machines, mostly vintage, although we have received a new Singer in the box. We have also received sewing and quilting tools, scissors, rotary cutters, cutting mats, etc., as well as boxes and boxes of fabric. I am down to one very old Singer 101, and a vintage Japanese Ambassador. Just heard from a married couple who both sew that want both machines. A church in Covelo burned down, wiping out their sewing group as well. I receive my information from the director of our Potter Valley/Redwood Valley Fire Complex, Mendocino County. Anything would be appreciated. Thank you for your good work.

    Christy Bengston
    707 367-4081

    1. Hi Christy,
      Thanks for the message. Sorry to hear about all this. Please email scott@jaftex.com with the names of those people and their address and phone numbers. Please note that I do have a fairly large list of people requesting machines. So it would most likely happen several months from now. Keep up the good work!

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