Tales Of A Fourth Generation Textile Executive: Let’s Start A Sewing Revolution Together…..1 Machine At A Time

Happy Monday Friends,
I have been on such a high lately from giving away free sewing machines.  Who would’ve thought?  Not me!  I just called my shrink and told her to tear up my prescriptions because I think I am cured….for now that is. Anyway, to bring you up to speed on Scott’s Free Sewing Machines (SFSM), I have given away nearly 30 machines since the summer (that doesn’t include 7 for the Freedom House from my BFF) and I have vowed to give away 45 by my 45th birthday on December 4th and 50 by the end of the year.

Now that you are up to speed on the latest on my sewing machine adventure, I need to set the tone for this blog with a new trick that I just learned from my amazing social media guru, Vanessa Denniston.  So with that, please hit play on this Tracy Chapman video below where she’s Talkin’ ’bout A Revolution which is the same thing I am coincidentally talking about.

I just love that song.  Don’t you?  Doesn’t it get you pumped up to want to start a revolution and make something positive happen in this crazy world that we live in?  It sure has me pumped up and you all know very well that I am trying to make a little positive change in the world through sewing and fabric.

The thing with SFSM is that I am only one person.  I mean seriously, maybe I could give 100 machines away a year if I really put my mind to it.  And don’t get me wrong that I would welcome the opportunity, but there are only so many hours in the day and as you know….here it comes…..I am still NOT the president of giving away free sewing machines….yet.  I do smile every time I use that joke.  I hope you do too.

Ok Mr. Scott, how do you plan to start this so called SEWING REVOLUTION?  Here are some of my ideas:

  • What if you did the same thing that I am doing?  No, you don’t have to give away 50 machines a year, but what if you picked one person or maybe 5 people and bought them each a sewing machine.  It doesn’t have to be a $1000 machine, it just needs to be a basic starter machine like the EverSewn Maker 200 that I am giving away.  Reach out to local charities, schools, churches, etc. and find someone that needs a machine.  Give them the gift of a machine out of the kindness of your heart and because you  love of sewing and know what joy it brings you. It could be a complete and total random act of kindness.  If you can’t do it alone, find a couple friends and do it together and make it fun.  If you want to take it a step further, offer to mentor this lucky soul who is getting your amazing sewing machine gift.  Imagine the power of this.  Now we are talking about getting this SEWING REVOLUTION rolling!
  • Forget the ipods, clothing and crappy toys for Christmas, how about a sewing machine for your child, spouse, grandparent, wife, husband, what have you?  That is the gift that keeps on giving and moves us a step closer to the SEWING REVOLUTION!
  • Is your machine aged?  Have you been thinking about an upgrade to one of the newer high tech machines?  It is time to pull the trigger and go for it.  I am not one to spend other people’s money, so this is only if you can afford to do it.  If you do have the means, when you go to buy your new machine, see if the shop owner will tune up your old machine so that you could give it away to someone else in good condition.  Maybe they will throw that repair in as part of the deal if they know you are donating it to someone that can’t afford their own machine.  This can only help their business and help to fuel our ensuing SEWING REVOLUTION!
  • We need to get our schools to step up the Home EC situation.  And colleges need to offer more quilting and sewing classes.  This is an art that can’t become a lost art.  Fight for it!  Ask for it!  Speak up!  The SEWING REVOLUTION is gaining steam and it needs your help to keep advancing it further.

So those are a handful of my ideas that I have been tossing around.  What are your ideas?  Please share them and let’s light a fire under this SEWING REVOLUTION.  We need to share the joy of sewing with others and it all starts here with the SEWING REVOLUTION….one machine at a time.  Together we can do this because that is the nature of our amazing fabric industry.

All that being said, please watch a short video that I created at market about the Sewing Revolution.

Thanks for your time and contributions to the SEWING REVOLUTION!
Sewing Revolution Scott
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Author: Scott Fortunoff

Author of Tales of 4th Generation Textile Executive Blog. President of Studioe Fabrics, The Blank Quilting Corp. and A.E. Nathan Co., Inc. Co-President of FreeSpirit Fabrics. V-P of Henry Glass Fabrics. President of Scott’s Free Sewing Machines. Creator of the #sewrevolution.

14 thoughts on “Tales Of A Fourth Generation Textile Executive: Let’s Start A Sewing Revolution Together…..1 Machine At A Time”

  1. Scott,
    It is somewhat freeing to give to others and feel you have made some slight difference no matter how small. Currently I have given away three sewing machines so far. I have taught two new people to sew and gave them a machine. I cannot give new ones away but I have bought several fairly nice usable machines (up to $50 each) from Craigslist and given them away. I bought these machines with the intention of gifting them.

    Recently I meet a local bag maker and we both bonded quickly as makers. She is sewing on a lightweight electronic machine and mentioned that her machine sometimes skipped stitches on the heavier fabrics she used. I am gifting her one of my vintage Singer 15-91 workhorses that can sew through virtually any fabric. I know this machine will improve her making in a big way. It will be a surprise to her.

    There is a rewarding feeling to all of this. Quilters in general are very generous people. Keep giving away free sewing machines. There are many who can benefit from this effort. I hope to see your numbers reach 300 real soon.

    As to some sewing revolution ideas:
    1) volunteer to teach sewing/crafting at a local girls/boys club during summer;
    2) start a sewing/crafting circle at your local church, meeting group, community group;
    3) volunteer to teach a sewing session at a girls/boys scout meeting, perhaps making
    pillowcases to contribute to the 1 Million Pillowcase Challenge;
    4) provide sewing/crafting at local community centers or at local senior citizen centers.

  2. Hi Scott,
    Mary (above) has already mentioned part of my idea: “2) start a sewing circle at your local church”.
    I would ask a small fee for each meeting and hold a drawing (whenever there is enough money to purchase one beginner sewing machine) for the people in the group who might need a newer machine. Their old machines could be donated to people who would like to join the group, but don’t have a machine. Say, people on a waiting list.

  3. Scott
    As a recipient of one of your machines for my grandson Aiden we promise to pay it forward. I will use what we saved to buy him a machine and gift someone else who is in need. You are starting a revolution and we are glad to be along for the ride.

    1. Thanks Karen. That is a fabulous and kind idea. Your contributions to the revolution will not go unnoticed. Hopefully people will be inspired by your kindness and do the same.

  4. I am loving this revolution and the path in which it’s moving ! It’s refreshing to see people get involved in so many different ways and I look forward to watching it continue. As for my part, I’ll continue my journey of spreading the word, organizing events, and of course be on the lookout for a great deal on sewing machines. 🙂 Thanks for all YOU do!

  5. Hi Scott at Blank! Yes, I’ve gifted new and collected sewing machines away for many decades now. My husband is amazed at how sewing machines find their way into our lives! Ha! I’ve taught sewing and quilting for decades also. I love seeing the pride in the eyes of the achiever. I love witnessing the essence of the person! Fabric is my essence of life! And, I love BLANK!! I also want to congratulate you on your BIRTHDAY! December 4th is a great day! I share this day with you! I will be 70 as you turn 45! May you dance with me on my 100th December 4!!! That has always been my goal in life…to live to be at least 100 and dance at my party. I would love to share that day with you…then you can help my precious husband Brent hold me up! Blessings! Lin

    1. OMG Lin! I love everything that you have written here. You are my idle and I am sure you will be a strong force in the Sewing Revolution above and beyond what you have already accomplished. Keep up the good work. Everything you are saying is so true. And what are the chances that we have the same birthday? As for the dance, I am open to that whenever….I don’t want to wait until I am 75. Let’s put a date on the calendar for sooner. Brent can take photos with my wife in tow…lol. Thanks for your kind note and early Happy BDAY!

  6. Wow! Would love to give my kids a skill that is so useful for themselves and others. We have a friend (Emelia J) so is starting a sewing club and would love for my 11yr old to be part of the club.

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