Raspberry Ripple

Few colors have the impact that red has. Red is love. Red is warmth. Red evokes visceral responses to a larger degree than any other color. Red is also very applicable to most holidays and family gatherings. Red also plays well with most other colors. Put more red into your stash and your repertoire of color. Raspberry Ripple was designed for just that…to put more red into your life and into your projects. And the projects that go with the collection will also evoke happiness. There is an adorable hexi “cheater quilt” print that is sure to delight. Use it to make fun garments and quilted coats. Quilt it to your heart’s content. There’s also an endearing panel which lends itself to quilting and embroidery for a quick baby quilt. This will have you “seeing red” in the most positive way. This collection coordinates well with colors from Peppered Cottons and Just Color! This collection is the perfect addition to your next quilting project.

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by Judy Gauthier

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