Tales of a Fourth Generation Textile Executive: Procrastinators Unite For The Peppered Cotton Challenge!

Dear Studioe Blog Reader,

It is now early March and I anxiously await your submissions to the Peppered Cotton Challenge for which you have only had about 6 months to prepare.  Please stop procrastinating! 

As I write this blog, there are only 6 submissions and I imagine there are many more to come at the 23rd hour.  Please don’t wait until the very last moment in case you run into any technical snafus….you don’t want to get excluded over a technicality.  That would be a shame.

Do you like money?  How about free fabric?  How about fame for being a talented artisan?  If you answered yes to any or all of  these questions, it is not too late to start your project for the contest as you have until the end of March.  Come on, let’s do this!  You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain. 

In other Peppered Cotton news, let me give you some inside scoop: 

First off, Studioe is selling Peppered Cotton Fat Quarter bundles.  There are two rotations comprising of 10 different colors in each bundle.  These are the top 20 selling colors.  Store owners must buy 8 bundles…4 of each of the two rotations.  That is what will come in a box.  Of course, you can buy more than one box while supplies last.  These are only being sold through sales reps or on the website and the price is very competitive.  So contact your direct Studioe sales rep or go to www.studioefabrics.com to order the bundles.  These will ship April-May.  


Second off, at the May quilt market, Studioe will introduce 15 new Peppered Cotton colors to get to a total of 50 solids.  It seems like we will stop at 50 colors until Pepper and Megan can come up with additional colors that will add some more spice to the current line. 

Finally, and most importantly, at the May market, Studioe will also be offering, let’s call them Peppered Cotton Fancies, which will include:  plaids, checks and stripes.  We have 18 new skus and they will go perfectly together and with many of the Peppered Cotton Solids.  You can expect the same hand and quality as the solids.  Trust me, you will love them.  I am super excited about these…thank you Pepper!  We will have some nice projects to support this new offering.  In addition, there may be another Peppered Cotton Challenge on the horizon.  Stay tuned. 

Make sure to stop by the Studioe booth to say hello to me at the Pittsburgh Quilt Market.


Happy quilting with Studioe Fabrics!