Tales Of A Fourth Generation Textile Executive, The Peppered Cotton Challenge Is Officially Over, 10 Finalists Announced

Dear Studioe Fans and Especially Peppered Cotton Challenge Contestants,

A big AMEN to the 31 contestants who took the time to participate in the Peppered Cotton Challenge.  Thank you!  I hope you enjoyed yourselves.  I was pleasantly surprised with the number of participants in the first big Studioe contest and I was especially happy with the quality of all the entries.  I was getting kind of nervous as we got closer to the deadline, but as I expected, I received over a dozen entries in the last 3 or 4 days….Procrastinators of the world did unite


Of the 31 entries, 13 people bought their fabric at the Stitch N’ Time Quilt Shop in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  If you recall from one of my previous blogs, these entries were all from the guild members that I met when I spoke at the Jackson Hole Quilt Festival.  Needless to say, I am glad I made that trip, otherwise the contest might have been a bust.  So a big shout out to all my new friends in Jackson Hole…thanks for your enthusiasm and participation.  I can’t wait to come back.  No doubt that Kim, the owner of Stitch N’ Time, is excited about her prospects of winning one or more of the top prizes.


Two of the finalists were from Michigan and they both bought their fabric from Pink Castle Fabrics in good old Ann Arbor, Michigan….the city of my alma mater, University of Michigan.  Go blue!  Ironically, I just made a date to go see Pink Castle Fabrics shop at the end of the month and I am looking forward to that as well as visiting a lot of memorable places from my college days. I am sure that Brenda of Pink Castle is excited about her prospects too. Lastly, the other two finalists were from Ohio and Kentucky and I was happy to note that one of them was a man.  Go boys!


Of the 31 contestants, two of them were from out of the country, so unfortunately they can’t win as only US customers could participate….no offense of course, but we need to keep things as simple as possible.  Sorry, as we do appreciate all the international Studioe fans.  With that, I must give a big shout out to the designer of Pepperpot.    What an awesome piece of work!  If I were judging, Pepperpot would have given the bear a run for the money, but I am not a judge so who cares what I think.  I would like to personally let Pepperpot know that I would love to use your project and show it off if you were willing to send it to our offices.  Nice job!



So without further ado, here are the 11 finalists. 

There really are supposed to be 10, but I had to make an exception for the 11th finalist.  I am not going to post each finalist’s name because I want to assure each finalist has privacy and I don’t want them to have to deal with the media and paparazzi.  The photographers at FabShop News and Fons & Porter are way aggressive….NOT! (note sarcasm if you haven’t figured out my sense of humor yet).  Drum roll please…………………….in alphabetical order:






Ebb & Flow…Action & Reaction

Fresh Pack Potential

Mr. Bear

Moons of Metropia.jpg

Round and Round, Bumpity, Bump

Urban Amish

My wavelength design from the front cover of FabShop News February Issue.  Go me!     


I spent part of my afternoon yesterday contacting each of the finalists.  Each of them was so excited to have been selected and so enthusiastic about their projects.  I always love to speak with consumers and shop owners as they have so much love for fabric…just like me.  Several projects used all 25 colors that we were offering at the time when the contest began.  Moreover, several of the project designs were original.  I just love the creative energy.


I have advised all the finalists that they need to send their projects to Vanessa by April 15 for the final stringent judging.

The 3 winners will be contacted before the end of April and the winner’s names will be posted around May 1, and available for viewing at Quilt Market in Pittsburgh May 17-19.


Have a blessed day!




P.S.  Check out this photo of cornice that I made with Peppered Cottons for my son’s room.