Pearle by Studioe Giveaway.


Happy Friday!  We are starting a new blog series of hosting a giveaway every Friday! For our first giveaway, we have a 18″ x 21″ quarter cuts bundle of our Pearle line.  You can view the fabric on our Pinterest board or look at the pictures below.  To enter to win, all you have to do is comment this post.  You can also like the link of this post on our Facebook page for an extra entry.  Winner will be announced next Friday.


Pearle giveaway

Pearle giveaway


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Tales Of A Fourth Generation Textile Executive: Knock Off The Knock-Offs

With Memorial day behind us, I totally forgot that today was Wednesday and I owe my dedicated fans a blog.  Sorry for the delay.  On top of that, I was almost done with the blog and then had to step out for an appointment.  In the interim, my IT guy fixed my computer and VOILE!…he fixed it real well.  So well, that my entire blog vanished into thin air.  The life of a blogger isn’t easy, please cut me some slack.

As you probably now, in addition to being President and Sales Manager of Studioe, I am also the president of A.E.Nathan.  This is really an A.E. Nathan story, but I think it is important for you to hear nonetheless.

Every year, A.E. Nathan designs and produces a massive printed flannel line containing over 150 designs.  Since we create so many designs each year, we don’t have the time or the resources to copyright every design. It is not practical to do that or cost effective.  Unfortunately, we are now paying the price for this.

Late last year, I was informed by my legitimate Canadian distributor that many of our designs were popping up all over Canada, but they weren’t being sold by our legitimate Canadian partners nor were they of the A.E. Nathan quality which is nothing short of awesome if I couldn’t say so myself. This was very frustrating and baffling to say the least. So I had our legitimate distributors send me some samples of the knocked off goods.  Not only were they knocking off the goods, but they were using our name “Comfy Flannel” which ironically enough I had just trademarked last year in the US.  Unfortunately, the US trademark didn’t help us in Canada so we are in the process of trademarking “Comfy Flannel” in Canada.  Good thing is that it isn’t too late to go after someone for using the name…even after the fact like in this situation.  

Long story short, it turned out that someone in Canada was taking our designs and printing them in China very poorly.  How we figured out that they were produced in China is kind of interesting.  For one, the selvedge of the fabric was frayed whereas our goods have a closed and smooth selvedge.  Moreover, the knock off artist printed some of our designs on dark grounds like red, green and black.  In Pakistan, we pigment print all of our flannel which doesn’t allow us to print the very heavy dark grounds.  If we did print those heavy dark grounds, the goods would be super stiff and essentially unusable.

In any case, it is really sad that people have to cut corners and try to cheat the system.  The good news is that we are pursuing this issue very seriously and hope to bring the culprit to justice real soon or at least have him stop doing what he is doing. I hope to be able to write about a positive conclusion to this story in the coming months and let the world know who the thief is.  So if you happen to be buying A.E. Nathan flannel, please make sure that it is legitimate by looking to see if the selvedge is smooth, it says not intended for children’s sleepwear and that the grounds are not very heavy dark colors.  If you have a doubt, please feel free to contact me to inquire.

That’s the best I can do for you today.  Hope to have something more exciting to talk about next week.


Tales Of A Fourth Generation Textile Executive: Report on Pittsburgh

OMG!  It is 9:58 and I am late for a very important date.  Missed my deadline for my every Wednesday for the rest of my life blog.  My boss and Vanessa are going to ream me.  So sorry folks, but I am still having a quilt market hangover….wish it was from alcohol, but it was just from the fabric.  So much fabric.  In any case, I survived another quilt market.  I think I am nearing in on my 20th one….yawn.  So what can I tell you about quilt market that you don’t already know? 

  • They certainly don’t call it the “International” Quilt Market for nothing.  The International customers were there in full force and they were buying.   Unfortunately, it seemed like the US customers were lacking.  I believe there were a couple reasons for the lack of US customers:
    • Pittsburgh was too far east for all the West Coasters.
    • Quilt Market is cost prohibitive.  Everything these days is so expensive.
    • It is just easier to stay home, work the shop and wait for the reps to see you.  My belief is that the shops prefer to see reps on their own turf.  Working at quilt market could be tough at times as there is always so much going on, everyone is on a schedule and it is hard to focus under the circumstances.
    • The horrible Winter hangover.
    • The Studioe Schoolhouse was very interesting for those that attended.  We should be posting a YouTube video soon of the schoolhouse for all of those who couldn’t make it.
    • Sample Spree….yawn again.  Sample spree was under attended.  Just one man’s opinion.  I will have enough precuts to fill up my entire office and send out donations for shop hops for a very long time.  Speaking of which, how about I show you some pictures of my personal office?  You might as well see my office where the magic happens.   
    • Laura & Vanessa did a great job on the Studioe booth.  I especially like how they showcased the winners of the Peppered Cotton Challenge as if it were a stage.  
    • Studioe was approached by some big name “quilters” at market who want to design fabric for us.  We are really excited about these new opportunities, but I am sworn to secrecy. 
    • We showed our international customers 6 new lines at market for our July release. I am going to tease you here with a photo of the covers of these 6 new lines.  There might as well be some benefit for reading my blah, blah, blog. 
    • As you hopefully know, we have been creating YouTube video reviews of the Studioe fabric releases.  I did notice that the first time I did the video that only about 200 people viewed it.  This time around over 500 people watched and I am scratching my head about who all these people are.  As someone said, my family isn’t that big and I don’t have the time to watch the video 500 times.  Anyway, I now know who watches it as many people stopped me at the market and said they really enjoyed it.  Who would have thunk it?   In fact, some were even quoting me.  Weird!  Is this my 15 minutes of fame?  My big close-up?
    • Unfortunately I wasn’t able to walk the show much.  I did want to thank everyone that took the time to meet with Studioe and especially those who wrote orders.  We appreciate your business and loyalty very much.  As I have said before, it is a true pleasure to sit down and work with quilters.  They are so kind and genuine, unlike the people I worked with in my past lives…..liars (joke), I mean lawyers, and stock, make you broker, brokers.

With that, I am out of here.  It is 11:22 in New York. 

Signing off,

Scott the Famous Fabric Guy

Tales Of A Fourth Generation Textile Executive: Clear The Decks! Peppered Cotton Checks, Plaids & Stripes Are Headed To Pittsburgh.

OMG!  It is Wednesday again and I am back as promised. 


I don’t particularly like to be repetitive, but I truly can’t stop talking about this new group of Peppered Checks, Plaids & Stripes from Pepper Cory. We call them “Fancies.”  I am super-excited about this new product and you should be too.  Truly! 


I hope you are paying attention because you don’t want to miss the boat on this one.  Truly! 


This line and the 10 other May releases from Studioe were sent out to the reps around May 1st and the orders on this line have been overwhelming thus far.  Truly! 


I personally am so excited about this line, that you will see me proudly walking around market with a tie like the one in the photo below.  Try and ignore the belly and the shirt being all discombobulated.  That man in your life would love a tie like this. 


Check (no pun intended) the line out for yourself!


Aren’t they gorgeous?  You should feel how nice the hand is too….just like the Peppered Cotton Solids.  Don’t forget that the hand is what distinguishes the Studioe shot cottons from all the others in the market place.  Truly! 


Not only is the hand like butter, but the “Fancies” (plaids, checks & stripes) can be paired perfectly with many of the Peppered Cotton Solids.  As you can see, there are 3 patterns in this group and they come in 6 colorways each:  earth, gravel, sweetheart pink, purple haze, aquarium and deep water. 


This line is being sold in 10 yard cuts only and the first round of goods will start shipping in August with the new 15 Peppered Cotton solids.  If you order the entire 18 bolts of fancies or the 15 new solids or all 33, you will get free freight.  This is a very special treat for all those West Coast Studioers as the Studioe fabric is shipped from Seneca, South Carolina.  Shout out to all my West Coasters!   Booyah!  So take the plunge and get involved before your competitors beat you to the punch.  Last but not least, there is a wonderful project to go with the fancies and we expect to be creating some additional projects to keep this line alive and kicking.  


For those of you attending market, you should definitely put it on your calendar to see the schoolhouse sponsored by Studioe.  It is called “The Shot Cotton Party Continues” and it is in room 316 from 11:35 until 12:05.  The party isn’t really continuing, it is just getting started.  So get on your dancing shoes and get ready to see Pepper Cory dazzle you with information about this line and the rest of her fabrics.  Make sure to get there early as last year the fire Marshall had to close us down for overcrowding.  Truly, NOT! 


This is Scott Fortunoff signing off from the Jaftex Headquarters in Manhattan.  Watch out Pittsburgh, here comes Studioe with a bag full of treats.  Make sure to visit me at booth 735 and mention my blog for a nice surprise.  See Ya Real Soon!       


Tales Of A Fourth Generation Textile Executive: Watch Out Pittsburgh, Here Comes Studioe!

It is Wednesday morning, and as promised, let the consistency begin for my blog…here we go, one in a row.

I am rolling now. So the madness continues in the Jaftex offices as the team puts the finishing touches on the quilt market presentations and boy are they going to be a doozies….if I couldn’t say so myself.


First off, if you aren’t able to make it to market, please check out my YouTube review of the 11 new quilt market releases.   


If you are going to market, please don’t watch the video so we can dazzle you in person.  Studioe will be at booth 735 with winning quilts from the Colorful Peppered Cotton Challenge flying high.  The booth will also be decorated using fabric from the Pearle line which has shiny pearlescent metallic.  Come check it out and make sure to say hello to me and let me know that you are a fan of Studioe and my blog, of course.  I may have a surprise for you.  Henry Glass will be located at booth 727 so while you are visiting me, please make sure to go check out their great new lines as well. 


Secondly, please come and see Studioe at booth 76 at Sample Spree and Henry Glass at booth 77.  Studioe and Henry Glass will be offering mostly fat quarter bundles and cigar rolled fat quarters assorted in 10 piece bundles a.k.a. mish-mosh.  The lines that will be offered from Studioe will include:  Peppered Cottons, Pearle, Pirouette, Cream & Sugar, Watermark and Just Color!  Make sure to get a discount coupon for Sample Spree by attending the Studioe School House, entitled The Shot Cotton Party Continues.


Thirdly (is that a word?), Speaking of School House, Pepper Cory will once again be the emcee extraordinaire on Thursday from 11:35 to 12:05 in room 316 where she will discuss what is new with her Peppered fabric lines. Goodies will be given out, new fabrics and solid shot cotton colors will be introduced, contest winner’s projects will be displayed and Pepper will take questions.  Make sure to listen closely for details about the free freight promotion being offered on Pepper’s new lines of solids and fancies.  Come check us out before lunchtime and try to arrive early as last year there was standing room only.  I am hoping to have that high class problem again this year….fingers crossed.


Finally, if you would like to make an appointment with myself, or one of my able co-workers, to review the new lines, please email me at  Also, you are always welcome to just stop by without an appointment and we will be sure to accommodate you.  Thanks so much for your time.  Hoping to see you next week in Pittsburgh!  And make sure to come back next Wednesday to see my next blog and the Wednesday after that and the Wednesday after that to infinity.  Go Studioe!


Safe Travels!



Tales Of A Fourth Generation Textile Executive: Oh, How Things Change

Now that I have committed to writing consistent weekly blogs, that now means I am going to have to come up with subjects to talk about….a lot of them. 


I will make all efforts to make sure this doesn’t become a blah blah blah-g.  I will be sure to keep it fresh and interesting and try to spare you the boring details of my life, but you are sure to get to know me a lot better. 
So why am I calling this blog, “Oh, How Things Change?”  As you know from my last entry, I spent one night in Ann Arbor last week at my alma mater, University of Michigan.  It has been over 2 decades since I was back and oh have things changed.  For the better?  For the worse?  You can decide for yourself.  Me personally, I have mixed emotions leaning toward the negative.
From the positive side, the campus is beautiful and more brick has been laid in Ann Arbor than I have ever seen before.  To me, this shows that the University is thriving with endowments that would make Warren Buffett look poor.  At the same time, it probably means that tuitions are through the roof.  In any case, the campus is truly beautiful. 

From the negative side, the town immediately surrounding campus now looks like a who’s who of the New York Stock Exchange.  Gone are the quaint family run businesses that I used to love to frequent.  In their places are Walgreens, CVS, Five Guys, Buffalo Wild Wings, etc.  I could go on.  Is change good?  Or bad? 


I have seen a bumper sticker that said “change is good.”  I don’t know who to listen to anymore, but let me tell you that I changed to the iPhone and so far I miss my Blackberry.  Maybe the iPhone and Ann Arbor will grow on me in the future.  For now, not so much.
Thanks for listening to me vent and please feel free to post any blog ideas that you might have for me.
See you in Pittsburgh and please email me for an appointment at
Signing off,
Scott e


Announcing – the winners of the COLORFUL Peppered Cotton CHALLENGE! 


First let me say that the judges found this task to be particularly tough. The top 10 finalists were all beautiful works of art. You can see them HERE.

In Third place: Fresh Packed Potential by Dorie Schwarz of Mason, Michigan. The store where she purchased Peppered Cottons is Pink Castle Fabrics. This quilt is an original design and measures 60″ x 70″. Dorie will receive a cash prize of $100. and $250 in retail value of Studioe Fabrics. The shop, Pink Castle Fabrics, will receive 5 bolts of Peppered Cottons. 


“Fresh Packed Potential” by Dorie Schwarz




In Second Place: Round and Round, Bumpity, Bump by Susan Garrity of Wilson, WY. The store where she purchased Peppered cottons is called Stitch ‘n Time. This quilted piece is an original design, measuring 40″ x 46″. Susan will receive $300 cash and $250 in retail value of Peppered Cottons. The store will receive 10 bolts of Peppered Cottons. 

“Round and Round, Bumpity, Bump” by Susan Garrity

Finally, the WINNER of the COLORFUL Peppered Cotton CHALLENGE is: “Ebb and Flow… Action and Reaction” by Deb Schultz of Jackson, Wyoming. The store where she purchased Peppered cottons is called Stitch ‘n Time. This quilted piece is an original design that measures 33″ x 33″. Deb will receive $500 in cash and $250 in retail value of Peppered Cottons fabric. The store will receive 15 bolts of Peppered Cottons. 


“Ebb and Flow… Action and Reaction” by Deb Schultz


Additionally, the finalists will all receive some Peppered Cotton fabric, valued at $50.


Studioe Fabrics wants to thank each of the contestants who signed up for the COLORFUL Peppered Cotton CHALLENGE. We appreciate your creativity and most importantly your decision to choose Peppered Cottons for your projects. 


Tales Of A Fourth Generation Textile Executive: Consistency

Tales Of A Fourth Generation Textile Executive:  Consistency


Pink Castle Fabrics


It is 9 am Thursday morning and I am sitting at Amer’s Deli in Ann Arbor, Michigan pondering the last two weeks of my work travails and travels, prior to heading to my appointment at Pink Castle Fabrics.  Last week I was in the Carolina’s, showing off the new Studioe and Henry Glass lines, videotaping a YouTube video previewing the Studioe May release and visiting all my fabric at the SNS warehouse.  After finishing the video, I sat down with my Studioe marketing, advertising and social media team.  That sounds very official and fancy, but in all honesty, it was just 3 of us:  me, Vanessa and our newest social media guru, Katie.


As we got to talking about some ideas for Studioe, the conversation turned into a schooling for me about how we need to get some consistency going.  The point being that if we want to continue to gain followers, things need to be done more consistently.  For example, I need to start blogging weekly.  So, with that, I intend to have a blog posted every Wednesday.  That way, you can put it in your calendar to read Scott’s blog every Wednesday after 9 am for the rest of your life.  In addition, I am going to have to do something similar with Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc.  Drum roll please……in order to be able to do all these tasks, I finally caved and bought an IPhone.  Vanessa told me that the IPhone was the panacea for all my woes….thus far it definitely isn’t.  In any case, you can expect more consistency from me and Studioe in the coming weeks and months.  The truth is that everyone likes a little consistency in their lives.  So in my infinite efforts to make Studioe totally amazing, I will be bringing the consistency.  I hope you appreciate it.


New iphone


Finally, if you are intending to go to the Quilt Market in Pittsburgh, I would love to set up an appointment.  Please contact me by replying to this blog or emailing me at….you will be happy you did.  Off to Pink Castle!  Have a great weekend.