Tales Of A Fourth Generation Textile Executive: Road Not Taken


Wednesday is starting to be a dreaded day as that is my blog deadline.  With that, I decided to move my blog to Monday so that I have a week to complete it.  Now Monday will be a dreaded day.

I am still saving my stories from my School Houses at the Shipshewana Quilt Festival.  I will eventually get to them, but I wanted to tell an ironic story that I described in a couple of my schoolhouses at Shipshewana. 


I am not a huge poetry fan by any means, but there is one poet and one poem that has always been near and dear to my heart.  I am sure many of you know it:  The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost.  Below is the portion of the poem that really hits home for me.


The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—


I took the one less traveled by,


And that has made all the difference.




If you recall from my previous blogs, during my last year at the University of Michigan, I was debating what to do with my life….the choice was between family business and law school.  As you know, I went to law school, and for me, that was the road less travelled.  In spite of the fact that I took the road less travelled, when it was all said and done, I ended up back on the road that was more worn and travelled which in this case was the family business.  So the irony is that I took the road less travelled, but ended up back on the road more travelled.  I am not totally sure how it ended up that way, which was probably a long shot, but in the end, that has made all the difference.  




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Tales Of A Fourth Generation Textile Executive: My Trip To Erica’s In South Bend

Hi All,

Let me start by saying that I just had my blog totally written and when I went to post it I was told by the computer that I was no longer signed on.  Needless to say, I want to cry.  I don’t have time for this….wah, wah, wah!  Let me see if I can recap.

All the people at Jaftex are starting to settle in with the most recent acquisition of Blank Quilting Corp., and I am therefore back to writing blogs again.  So I wanted to get back to what happened on my trip to Indiana.  Let me start off by saying that I haven’t been in Indiana since around 1996 when The University of Michigan trounced Notre Dame in football.


I recall that I was in the front row and I ran on the field when we scored the winning touch down.  Now back to reality.

When I pulled up in my Hertz rental car into Erica’s parking lot, I couldn’t help but notice that Erica’s had a computerized billboard.  I looked up and was shocked it said, “Welcome Studioe President” in the first slide and the next one had my name.  I was thinking, “damn” you guys don’t mess around here.  Was this my second 15 minutes of fame?  Doubtful.  

See the pictures that Vanessa will hopefully post since I haven’t figured out how to post pictures yet. (You’re welcome, Scott – V.)  What would I do without such a great support staff?  Big shout out to the Jaftex Team! (Gosh, thanks Scott. -V.)  I digress.

So after getting over the shock of seeing my name in lights, I went in to Erica’s and was welcomed by the lovely staff and the great set up of the store.  The store was one of the larger ones that I had visited and it was deceivingly big with a lot of nooks and sub-departments.  I figured there were around 10 or so sub-departments (yarn, holiday, by company, books, sewing machines, white on white, flannel, etc.)  The set-up made it very easy to shop the store and you could tell that someone had given it some serious thought.  Erica’s has a great online business too that I was able to peruse.  

After a nice tour from the owner, Cathy Young, we sat down in the back room with Studioe sales rep, Pete Holmes.  We showed Cathy all the Studioe and Henry Glass lines.  Pete and I didn’t have enough paper to write all the orders.  We had hit the jackpot and Cathy told us that she had no more open to buy for the rest of the year….so be forewarned competitor sales reps.  But seriously, we had a nice time working with Cathy and she was full of insights.  I love when I have time to work with shop owners because they have a different perspective and tons of great info.  I for one am one of those people that loves tapping in to that info because I live in the bubble of New York where I don’t get to talk to many shop owners or quilters.  Sad, but true.

After we finished going over the lines, I was totally taken a back when Cathy asked me if I had any ideas or suggestions about how to improve the layout of the store.  I was like, “Are you talking to me?” And, I think she was.  So in my infinite wisdom attained from Fab Shop News, I went outside and started there.

 I had some suggestions about the outside of the store and then I talked about my first impressions upon entering the store since I know that is always critical.  Hopefully she didn’t listen to a word I said.  I am just a salesman.  

Thereafter, we headed for dinner at Rocco’s.

You wouldn’t believe it, but your’s truly is getting a little wide in the hips so I have put myself on a diet.  Needless to say, pizza was not on that diet, but salad was.  So I didn’t try Rocco’s pizza, (I know, booo, hiss!) but it did look good and all my company enjoyed it. Unfortunately for Rocco, I don’t think he could throw down with New York pizza, but as I tell my kids, “you get what you get and you don’t get upset.”  I am sure Rocco could handle the criticism.

That is all I have for you folks.  Hope summer is treating you well. Our Studioe & Henry Glass reps should be out with our July lines any day now.  As for Blank Quilting Corp., they will have new lines around the end of the month.  Happy summer and happy quilting!

So Long From Summer Scott e

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Tales Of A Fourth Generation Textile Executive: So Much For A Quiet Summer

Hi All,


When I committed to writing a blog every Wednesday, I had no idea that we would be taking on an entirely new company.  Needless to say, I have been swamped learning about Blank Quilting Corp. and trying to sort through it all.  That being said, my brain is fried and I can’t come up with a clever blog for the day.  So why don’t you take the rest of the week off and enjoy it for me please.  Hopefully that will include sunshine, cocktails and tons of good food.  Thanks so much.  Happy summer from me!



I hopefully will be able to come up with something clever for next week.



P.S. If you aren’t enjoying the outdoors and instead enjoying the air conditioning, have a look at our Pinterest and find some great ideas for your next project.

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4th of July Giveaway


4th of July Giveaway

Tales Of A Fourth Generation Textile Executive: The Big Deal

I, Scott Fortunoff, of the Jaftex Companies, am proud to announce that Blank Quilting Corp., formerly known as Blank Quilting, is joining the Jaftex family of businesses:


A.E. Nathan Co., Inc.

Fabric Editions, Inc.

Henry Glass & Co., Inc.

Studioe Fabrics


I will be the new president of the company.  Cliff Garfinkel will continue as the sales manager.  Diana Mancini will remain as the head stylist.  The Blank Quilting sales representatives will remain the same as before.  All outstanding business will be assumed by the new company in the New York Offices.   


The new address for the entire Blank Quilting Corp. team is as follows:

49 West 37th Street, 14th floor

N.Y., N.Y. 10018

Phone: 800-294-9495

Fax: 212-679-4578

Website:  www.blankquilting.com

Email:  scott@jaftex.com or cgarfinkel@blanktextiles.com


If you are not currently a Blank customer and would like a rep to call on you, please let us know by using the contact information above.


Thank you for your patience during the transition.  We are very excited to continue to grow our businesses that cater to the independent quilt shops.  Please contact us with any questions or concerns.  We look forward to working with you!


Have a nice July 4th!


Scott Fortunoff

Tales Of A Fourth Generation Textile Executive: Mish Mosh Of Info

Hi All,


I truly had an awesome trip to Indiana and promise to tell you all about it soon. However, today will not be the day for me to tell you all about it because I have some big things going on.  For the past couple of weeks, my father and I have been putting together a deal to buy another company in the quilt shop only arena.  It seems like we are going to be closing the deal by the end of this week….fingers crossed.  So I can’t tell you much more than that because I don’t want to jinx it and I don’t want to tell the world about it until it is fact and I have signed on the dotted line.


This is going to be a great opportunity and I am hoping that all my Studioe & Henry Glass customers will also be customers of the new company as well….if you aren’t already.  So wish us luck please!  I look forward to telling you more of the details really soon.  So stay tuned.



 In the meantime, if you can guess the name of the company that we are buying, I will send you a free bolt of Peppered Cottons.  All entries need to be in by 6 pm eastern standard time today.  One reply per person.  US customers only.


If I happen not to put a blog together before the weekend, please have a great and safe July 4th and understand that I am completely swamped right now.