Halloween Giveaway


Happy Halloween! For the holiday weekend we thought we would do something extra special.  Instead of giving away one fabric bundle, we are giving away TWO bundles to one lucky winner. We’re giving away two 18″ x 21″ quarter cut bundles of our Watermark line.  To enter to win, all you have to do is comment this post.  You can also comment any link of this post on our Facebook page for an extra entry.  

*Contest ends November 7th, 10:00 am EST.  Open to US residents only.*


Two Watermark Bundles Giveaway



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Studioe Schoolhouse!

Last week, Pepper Cory led the Studioe Schoolhouse at the International Quilt Market to a packed house with lots of enthusiasm to learn more about big stitch quilting. 

Here are a few highlights:

1. Big stitch does not necessarily replace machine quilting. In fact, they work beautifully together. 

2. Use Embroidery Needles (crewel – not tapestry), Chenille neeedles or size 3-4 between for big stitch. 

3. Big stitch is related to the Japanese Sashiko, however, Sashiko usually is on the top layer only, not through all three quilting layers, like big stitch.

4. Baste first.

5. Choose a contrasting thread color. #8 Pearle cotton is best for the job, because it is highly visible. #12 Pearle cotton works too. 

6. Decide how big the stitches will be. They can be any size, but be consistent.

7. Size of stitching should be in harmony with the project.

8. Mind the gap, as that is what makes the stitches look good.  

9. When working in the center of the quilt, a hoop is preferred for stability, however, when working on the edges it isn’t necessary. It’s a matter of preference.

10. No quilting police allowed. Don’t judge yourself or give up. It takes time and it is all good!

Here is Pepper to share these tips from the Schoolhouse session: 

Tales Of A Fourth Generation Textile Executive: Quilt Market Continues


Scott is still away attending Quilt Market, so we will not have a post from him today.  I’m sure he’s finding lots of inspiration for future posts thanks to all the beautiful booths and wonderful people he’s met these past few days. We do have a picture of Studioe’s booth to share with you all. Can you spot Scott?


Studioe Quilt Market Booth

Pirouette Giveaway


Congratulations to Teresa Van de Castle for winning last week’s giveaway of our Cream and Sugar III line.  Today we are giving away a 18 x 21 quarter cuts bundle of our Pirouette line.  To enter this giveaway, all you must do is leave a comment on this blog post.  Be sure to follow us on Facebook and comment on posts advertising this giveaway for extra entries. You must be a fan of Studioe on Facebook to win.  Good luck and don’t forget to tell your friends!

*Giveaway open to US residents only. Contest ends 9:00 am EST October 31st.*


Pirouette giveaway



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Tales Of A Fourth Generation Textile Executive: Quilt Market

Things are crazy over here in the Jaftex offices as the team puts the finishing touches on the quilt market presentations and boy are they going to be awesome….if I say so myself.


Quilt Market


First off, if you aren’t able to make it to market, please check out my YouTube video reviews of the newest lines we are releasing from the Jaftex Companies:


Studioe Fabrics (SE):                                     



Blank Quilting Corporation (BQC):              



A.E. Nathan Co., Inc.:                                    



If you are going to market, please don’t watch the videos so we can dazzle you in person.  Studioe (SE) will be at booth 508.  Please come by and make sure to say hello to me as I always love to meet and greet.  The newest Jaftex Company, the Blank Quilting Corporation will be at booth 602, Henry Glass Fabrics (HG) will be at booth 608, A.E. Nathan will be at booth 510 and Fabric Editions will be at booth 611.  So while you are visiting me, please make sure to go check out the great new lines from our other companies.  If you sit and view all the new lines from SE, BQC & HG, you will be eligible for a raffle to win a credit to any of the companies for $300 (first prize), $200 (second prize) or $100 (third prize).  Make sure that you get a sticker or stamp at each booth. 


Secondly, please come and see SE at booth #150 at Sample Spree, BQC at booth #148/9 and HG at booth #151.  SE & HG will be offering mostly fat quarter bundles and fat eighths.  BQC will be offering strips, 5 inch squares and fat quarter bundles.  The precuts will be from a variety of different lines from each of the companies. Make sure to get a discount coupon from Sample Spree by attending the Schoolhouses for each of the respective companies.


Thirdly, speaking of School Houses, we have loads in store for you on Friday, October 24.  In fact, you should just hang out with us all day from 1:35 on with a little break in between.

  • Pepper Cory will talk about Big Stitch hand quilting….a very hot trend of late.  1:35-2:05 in room 361F.  Great giveaways and prizes. The title is Big Stitch Handwork Using Shot Cottons, Plaids & Prints.

  • Charlotte Warr Anderson, noted author and one of our star sales reps will talk about color. 2:10-2:25 in room 362D.  The title is Value For Value.

  • Janice Pope, founder of Anything But Boring Patterns and another star sales rep will provide insight to show owners.  2:30-2:45 in room 362D.  The title is What Every Shop Owner Should Know.

  • A good many of the Henry Glass licensed designers will be at the Martingale School House to talk about the newest book called A Flair For Fabric.  3:45-4:15 in room 371F.

  • Dana Brooks, esteemed Henry Glass designer, will speak in room 371F from 4:20-4:50.  This is entitled A Fabric Fortune!

  • Mary Jane Carey of Holly Hill Quilt Designs & Leanne Anderson of the Whole Country Kaboodle will speak in room 371F from 4:55-5:25.  This is entitled Easy Projects To Sell Fabric! & New Club.


Finally, if you would like to make an appointment with myself, or one of my able co-workers, it is not too late, so please email me at scott@jaftex.com.  Also, you are always welcome to just stop by without an appointment and we will be sure to accommodate you.  Thanks so much for your time.  Hoping to see you in Houston! 


Safe Travels!


Cream and Sugar III Giveaway


Congratulations Janet Tyner for winning the Watermark giveaway! This week we are giving away a bundle of our Cream and Sugar III fabric.  How beautiful would this fabric look used in your winter projects? To enter this giveaway, comment on this post with what you would make with this fabric. You must follow us on Facebook to win.


Contest ends October 24th, 9:00 am EST. Open to US residents only.


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Cream and Sugar III Fabric Giveaway


Tales Of A Fourth Generation Textile Executive: Blog Block


I am severely suffering from blogger’s block.  As such, I have resorted to asking some of our Studioe facebook friends for suggestions.  So here are some short comments and answers to things that our Studioe friends were asking about.


Scott answers your questions


What is my absolute favorite color combination? In my humble opinion grey continues to be super popular in quilting.  It could be the new white or black and I am betting it stays around for awhile.  I think we will see some new twists on grey with other colors this year.  That is a bet that we continue to make at the Jaftex Companies.  As it relates to Studioe, Winter Memories and Winter Essentials 3 both fit the bill. 


What do you think will be the most popular colors for 2015? For my prediction for the top color for 2015, I am not even going to venture a guess because it is probably some color that I never heard of or probably can’t pronounce.  So I am keeping out of that debate.  I leave that up to the pros.


How long does it take to produce a line from start to finish?  That varies greatly, but I will give you an idea with a simplified example.  The design phase could last anywhere from one to four months and sometimes more.  You also have to keep in mind that the designers don’t just work on one line at a time.  Thereafter, we have to determine when we will drop (or release) a line in the market place.  Our companies come up with new lines to be released in January, March, May, July and October.  The most important releases being the quilt market releases in May and October.  So let’s say we determine the line will be shown at this quilt market later in October.  That line had to have been completed no later than the end of August.  That way, we have enough time to produce a proper swatchcard to be sent to reps and distributors around the beginning of October.  So let’s say that adds another one to two months.  Then from the time we start showing in October, we probably don’t actually ship the fabric for about 5-7 months after.  So in reality, it could be about 7 months to a year and some times longer.  Who would have thunk (sic) it?


What do I see as the next big technique in quilting?  OMG, seriously?  Not touching that one with a ten foot pole.  I am a 41 year old guy from Long Island, need I say more.


What do Madame Samm and I have up our sleeves for next year?  This Madame Samm is like no other I have met in this industry and we have a secret fabric love affair (figuratively speaking) going on from across the Canadian border.  I am so glad that she got me on the phone one day and convinced me to work with her.  Her crew does some really amazing work and there is no reason why I don’t expect to be working a lot more with her in the future.  As far as next year, I have nothing up my sleeves except to fulfill all of the Madame’s wishes….that is, get her fat quarter bundles of all the lines she likes.  Since she already said it was a Halloween line and we only have one Halloween line, you know that we are going to do something with Cheeky Pumpkins by D-TK Signature.  The other is one of the four Studioe Christmas lines.  I will give you a hint, if she liked Rush Hour, she will like this one too.  I look forward to see what the next challenge brings. 


Thanks for all the questions and sorry for the late post.  It is still Monday though, so better late than never.


Please check out all of the new October releases under the fabric portion of the website.  10 great lines that I am proud to be showing.  Also, don’t forget to be in touch with me about setting up an appointment for market. Email me at scott@jaftex.com.

Have a great day!




Watermark Giveaway


Congratulations to Amy Caldwell for winning the Rush Hour giveaway! Today we’re giving away a 18″ x 21″ quarter cuts bundle of our Watermark line.  You can view the entire line on our website here.  To enter to win, all you have to do is comment this post.  You can also comment on any link of this post on our Facebook page for an extra entry.  

*Contest ends October 17th, 9:00 am EST.  Open to US residents only.*


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Watermark Giveaway