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Two Peppered Cottons Bundle Giveaway

Tales Of A Fourth Generation Textile Executive: Thinking Of Grandpa Everett

Check out this picture of Sonny Everett as his mother wrote at 5 months…1910’s.

It was 5 years ago this week that my grandfather, Everett Fortunoff, passed away.  Not a day goes by that I don’t think of him since I did spend about half of my fabric career with him on a daily basis.  Grandpa was nothing short of remarkable.  He came in to the office every day dressed to the nines up until the day he passed.  Everyone loved his easy going and friendly demeanor.  When he died he was 94 years old which is amazing in itself.  We have some good genes as my doctor always reminds me.

As we prepare for our 85th anniversary, I couldn’t help but think about grandpa yet again.  He was always so proud of the family business and everything that we have accomplished over the years.  He was particularly amazed with all the technological advances and how they were affecting the way we did business.  I am sure that he will be watching over us at our 85th celebration and will be looking forward to the 100th anniversary…God willing.

                                            My dad, Robert, me, brother, Greg, grandpa and sister Jill.

As I did mention in a previous blog, Grandpa unfortunately passed away while I was on my first business trip to India.  On the one hand, I was very happy to have made the trip and grandpa would have encouraged me to go 100%, but on the other hand I have guilt for having missing his funeral.  Such is life I guess.

FORTUNOFF–Everett M., passed away August 27 in his ninety-fifth year after a long and fulfilling life. Devoted husband of Isabel and the late Edith. An elegant gentleman admired by all who knew him, loving father of Andrea Abramson, Robert and Andrea Fortunoff, cherished grandfather and great-grandfather of Jackie Cohen, Gregory, Lisa, Scott and Laurie Fortunoff, Jill and Darren Gerstenblatt, Emily, Caroline, Benjamin, Oliver, Aaron, Julia and the entire Lehrer family.

Missing you tons!

Grandson Scott

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Cuddle Me Basics Giveaway

Tales Of A Fourth Generation Textile Executive: Introducing On The Road With Scott

In an effort to increase my blog subject matter, I am proud to introduce a new series under the Tales Of A Fourth Generation Textile Executive moniker.  The series will be called, On The Road With Scott, and it will be comprised of blogs about places that I visit, things that I see, people that I meet and places where I eat when I am on the road.  So with out further ado, my first blog will be about a special place that I visited in Tennessee.  

A day before my trip, I was watching the Food Network’s Top 5 Restaurants series and the food category for this episode was BBQ.  I mean, who doesn’t love a good BBQ?  When I turned the show on they happened to be on the number 1 BBQ place and believe it or not it was in Memphis, Tennessee, 10 minutes from the airport.  Cha-ching, I know where I am going for dinner that night.  The Bar-B-Q Shop is located at 1782 Madison Ave, Memphis, TN 38104. When I pulled up to the restaurant, there was not one parking spot available, except for the one right in the front.  Some things are just meant to be…and this was one of them.  Yup, that is my silver rental about 5 steps from the front door.   
I walk in to this joint and it is rocking.  I find myself a seat at the bar and who do I see, but the same guy that I saw on TV mixing up the special spice rub, the owner.  They showed how the he locked himself in a room making his rub mix so no one would know his secret recipe.  I don’t blame him because it was nothing short of awesome.  Check out this menu!
Usually when I go for BBQ, I am all about the pulled pork and never ribs.  However, on the TV show, they were so focused on the amazing ribs.  Who am I not to listen to the Food Network? I ordered a platter with both pulled pork and ribs and some other items: fries, Texas toast, un-sweet tea and veggies.  You can see it below and maybe you can also see the drool on the table…that might be mine.  
I started with the ribs first and that was a big mistake because there weren’t nearly enough.  It was like a total tease.  Just enough to whet my appetite, but not enough to do the job.  The pulled pork wasn’t bad either, but I was in love with the ribs.  As I chatted with the owner, I was whining to him about how disappointed I was that I shorted myself on the rib order.  Next thing I know it, he comes out of the kitchen with 2 more ribs.  For me?  Ahhhh!  Southern Hospitality is a beautiful thing.  
I didn’t have it in me to get dessert because I was already having concerns about my 2 hour ride to Tupelo, MS.  All I can say is, thank you Food Network for the great recommendation.  I will be back Bar B-Q Shop and next time I will be ordering a full rack of ribs. Until then, I can only dream.

I would love to hear about your favorite BBQ spot.  Tell me please because I am always travelling and I am always looking.  

Until my next trip,
Scottie Q   

Peppered Cottons Giveaway

Congratulations Linda Pawlak for winning the Peppered Cottons charms  giveaway! Since you all love Peppered Cottons, we decided to give more away!  To enter to win, all you have to do is enter through the Gleam box below. Good luck and don’t forget to tell your friends!

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Peppered Cottons Giveaway

Tales Of A Fourth Generation Textile Executive: 85th Anniversary Photo Blog

This summer has been awfully slow on the blog comment front and to be perfectly honest this summer is wearing me down personally. Therefore, in lieu of a well thought out and detailed blog, I am going to do a photo blog in honor of the 85th anniversary of when my great grandfather, Jacob A. Fortunoff, started Jaftex. Jaftex is the parent company of Studioe Fabrics and several other companies.  As you must know by now, I hope, I am the fourth generation in the business (hint: check the name of my blog).  I will save the detailed and well thought out blogs for when everyone gets back from the beach in September.
My grandfather, Everett, kept this amazing scrap book with so many great pieces of history.  Look at the date…1921 and in pristine condition. Looks like my great grandpa was starting to move up in the world.  Way to go Papa!
Far right is Papa Jack and a couple of his dapper buddies from the textile “mafia” (I am joking).  Look how proud he is pointing at his name on the glass window.  Boy would he be proud if he knew we were still in business with the 5th generation in training.  I love how dressed up they are and especially the hats.  Can you say gangsta!  This picture was taken circa 1936. On the left is Ed Schoenbart and the middle is Max Weiner.
What a great family portrait.  Papa Jack had 3 sons.  Lower left is Uncle Dan who did work in the business for sometime.  Top left is Uncle Gilbert.  Top right is Grandpa Everett.  Far right is Grandma Edith.  Center left, Grandma Ida.  
See the J.A. Fortunoff Cotton Fabrics*Flannelettes sign.  This is one of the old offices at 390 Broadway, circa 1942.  Check out the old fashioned cars.  So amazing!
This quilt market October 2015 we are going to have a Jaftex booth in honor of the 85th anniversary.  We will be having all kinds of demos, giveaways and such there.  Make sure to stop by.  The photo above is a design for some fabric we will be having printed in honor of the special 85th anniversary.
This is another fabric that we are having printed for the quilt market.  It is a logo fabric with the names of all the companies that we have ever owned in the 85 years in business.  This will be the background fabric.
The end, but really just the beginning.  God bless you Mr. JAFtex!  
Sappy Scott with tears running down my cheeks


Peppered Cottons Mini Charms Giveaway

Congratulations Kim Sherrod for winning our Peppered Cottons giveaway! This week we’re giving away a new cut of Peppered Cottons. This giveaway winner will receive five 50 piece mini charms of Peppered Cottons!  To enter to win, all you have to do is enter through the Gleam box below. Good luck and don’t forget to tell your friends!

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Peppered Cottons Mini Charms Giveaway

Tales Of A Fourth Generation Textile Executive: The People Have Spoken

The people have spoken and so far it looks like Barnacle Bay by Debi Hubbs is leading the pack in sales of the 7 new Studioe July lines. What is not to love about the soft color palette of this line?  How about the adorable sea creatures and birds?  What about the beautiful blender in pattern 3207?  No wonder this line is doing so well.  And check out this panel!  I can’t stop laughing at the whale shooting the water up in to the bird’s bottom.

In close second is the Dream Catchers line by Lucie Crovatto.  The overseas customers that previewed this line at the last Quilt Market absolutely fell in love with this line.  A big reason for the success is the color palette of soft tones of pink and aqua.  In addition, how could you not fall in love with this little Native American girl panel (I hope that is politically correct as I surely don’t want to offend anyone, ever)?  She is so sweet looking.  What young girl wouldn’t love something made out of this fabric?  It kind of reminds me of the Beautiful Garden Girl panel.  Do you see the resemblance?



In third place, there is a tie between American Folk by Jennifer Brinley and Culture Shock.  On the one hand, we have American Folk which is an Americana type line. Americana lines are always excellent sellers for Studioe. The only problem with these lines is that we get no help from our international distributors because they want nothing to do with our Americana looks.  You know what I say to them?  BLAH YOU! Anyway, moving on to Culture Shock.  This line to me is one of the coolest that I have seen in some time.  It is just different in an artsy type of way.  I personally cannot wait to see someone make the free project for this line (sorry for the poor photo, but it was the best I could do).  I just love it!

That just about rounds off the list.  The rest of the lines are really just more basics.  Do you think that the order of top lines will change before we print?  Or do you agree with the ranking?  Talk to me!  What do you think?  I want to hear from you.  Enjoy the Summer.