Tales of a Fourth Generation Textile Executive: Interesting Evening

it is 1140 pm and there is so much noise outside from the World Series game just finishing. People are so rude.  Don’t they know I am trying to sleep bc I have a busy day tomorrow and an early breakfast.

I might as well share a story about my evening.   Tonight I had dinner with a lovely group of industry big machers. Not only that though, we had a very special surprise guest.  Could you guess who it was?

I had an amazing representative from The Freedom House, a place where kids are saved from human trafficking, join us for dinner.  She spoke so eloquently about the organization.  Let’s say there were lots of tears and emotions in the room.  Several dinner guests were figuring out ways to help this great cause. I even saw a guest give a cash donation.  Such kindness!   Thank you.   Anyway, I am reiterating my support for this great organization, even more so after the stories I heard tonight, and I hope you too can help.  Let me know if you want to do something….anything to help and I can get you details after I find out what they are in need of.  As I like to say, cash is king…if you could spare it.

Good night.   Make sure to visit me tomorrow at booth 2319.

ps.   Today I learned how important it was to put in a ps because for some reason everyone likes a good ps.

Pss.  If they like ps, they really must like pss.

Psss.  Not funny anymore.

Goodnight scott

ps.  I am so thirsty, but i just can’t get myself to buy the $5 bottle of water in my hotel room.

Author: Scott Fortunoff

Author of Tales of 4th Generation Textile Executive Blog. President of Studioe Fabrics, The Blank Quilting Corp. and A.E. Nathan Co., Inc. Co-President of FreeSpirit Fabrics. V-P of Henry Glass Fabrics. President of Scott’s Free Sewing Machines. Creator of the #sewrevolution.

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  1. Hello Scott;
    My name is Brenda Bixler I am 65 years old.I would love to receive one of your sewing machines. I took care of my father from 1991 to 1997 who had liver cancer he was blessed with getting a transplant but the new liver he got had two bad cells in it di give us almost another year with him so I am Thankful for that. But we lost him Just before Christmas in 1997. Then in may of 1998 I had to go take care of my mother who was getting alzheimers and I took care of her till 2006 when I lost her. I had to retire early to be with her all the she could not be left alone. In Nov. of 2013 I had a major back surgery done and it did not go so well. So july of 2015 I had to go in to have a bigger back surgery to try and fix what was messed up from the first one. So with second surgery they had to go in and completely break my lower back and build a cage as they call it.the second surgery has kept me out of wheelchair but now I have to use a walker or cane and I will never be able to stand up straight again. But I love to do quilting and make baby dolls clothes for my grand babies and since my moveabilty is some what limited Sewing would be my happy place to be. To make things for people and put a smile on their face. A quilt to keep them warm, alittle animal for a child. Those are wonderful Blessings and since God has Blessed me so much I need to share those blessings with others if I can. I am on a limited money flow but still do good enough to keeps things above water.I am married and my husband is also retired and he also likes to sew . it will be something we can do together. I did have my moms sewing machine but it finally gave out. I had gotten a used one and it to finally gave out. So that is my request. What you are doing is amazing so kind and enlightening to know that we still have good people in the world. May God Love always be with you and your loved ones.
    Sincerely Brenda

  2. SFSM request.

    My daughter is 7 (almost 8) and has recently started 4H. Her main project is quilting.
    We don’t have a macine. I have looked second hand and can’t find anything except fabric. Even our sewing kit is from dollar tree.

    Right now she is going to have to learn to hand sew. I’ve taught her all I can, which is very little. But a 7 yr old quilting by hand is crazy. She’s almost 8, very smart, very driven, very deserving of a nice machine.

    She did inherit an old junky machine recently. (It’s an off brand machine from the 90s. The bobbin door doesn’t even stay shut) So she does have something to learn on.
    We haven’t gotten it yet. And I’m not even sure it works. But hey, she can still use it to learn to thread a machine and learn how the machines work.

    We have lost 2 close family members this year. I would like to get to a new normal. And having a nice, properly working, sewing machine will help add quilting to that new normal. And something we can learn to do together.

    My adopted dad died a couple months ago and we are being given all his overalls to use as fabric. That is a lot of denim.
    We are also getting all of my late adopted mom’s fabric. She made her own cos play costumes for a few decades. There is a lot of fabric.

    Are there people who could use a new machine for something more useful than starting a new normal and learning how to do something that will last a lifetime.
    But starting a kid off with a nice machine would be awesome. She probably won’t be able to get a new decent machine for quite a while otherwise.
    It will give her the chance to learn quicker, make more items, and you could help be the start of something big.

  3. Hey Scott – go ahead and buy the water. I will pay for it! ps – I want to help. Let me know how!

  4. I just now had the opportunity to watch the video. How wonderful! I’m thrilled that you’ve shared information about this program and that so many are ready and willing to help. What a good thing you’ve started. 🙂
    PS – I get what you mean about the water. It drives me crazy.
    PSS – Maybe it’s not the price that is drives me crazy. Perhaps it’s the dehydration. 🙂

    1. Hi j,
      Your ears must be ringing. I have been telling everyone how the 7 machines that went to Freedom House were all from your kindness. Thx! Proud of you for watching the video. The restaurant was loud and sound was tough.
      Have a great week.

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