Tales of a Fourth Generation Textile Executive: One Question

What is your favorite Tales of a Fourth Generation Textile Executive blog post ever and WHY?

Best 3 responses will win a surprise from me.  Trust in me that I give good prizes.

Author: Scott Fortunoff

Author of Tales of 4th Generation Textile Executive Blog. President of Studioe Fabrics, The Blank Quilting Corp. and A.E. Nathan Co., Inc. Co-President of FreeSpirit Fabrics. V-P of Henry Glass Fabrics. President of Scott’s Free Sewing Machines. Creator of the #sewrevolution.

56 thoughts on “Tales of a Fourth Generation Textile Executive: One Question”

  1. 62 Reasons has thus far been the posting I have truly enjoyed the most. I loved the creativity and imagination of a fable. It showed me another side of the “Textile Executive.” Purely delightful! Merry Christmas to you and yours, Scott.

  2. I am a new subscriber to your blog, which I found by way of Instagram, I believe. (You do make me giggle and remind me of Dr. David Sabgir who founded Walk With a Doc and writes some unique newsletters.) So I haven’t read all your posts yet, but my favorites have been “There IS Hope” and “Quilt Market,” both of which were posted in October. With all that is going on in this crazy world today, it’s so easy to become discouraged and to spend a LOT of time wondering and worrying about the future… not only for ourselves, but especially for our offspring, their children, and their children. But these two posts hold a lot of lessons that can be used in life every single day. As the saying goes, thoughts become things and we all have the power to change ourselves and our worlds. Just think of how one little kind moment trickles into another! Keep up the good work!

  3. Scott, my favorite blog is not a “feel good” post, rather a raw look at what is evolving in the industry. For some months prior, I had been talking with other shop owners, reps and reading industry news. I came to the same conclusion you did… that there is a contraction going on… and on… and on. There is a Darwinian “survival of the fittest” shift occurring on all levels.

    On March 13, 2007 in a post titled The Fabric Yenta Is Here!, you wrote about some specifics regarding this and you didn’t hold back on what was to come. The reason I thought this was an exceptional post was your last sentence… it gave me hope and comfort that while we are loosing good shops, good manufacturers and good people, there will remain a very strong, very supportive network to continue educating and providing materials for this precious craft!

  4. Favorite for me has to be your 5/22/17 post. I believe it was actually the first one I ever read having heard about your blog from a sales rep. Honestly I cracked up reading it thinking, “is he really writing this stuff?” The best line was “I freaking hate happy boring Scott and I am not sure that you will like him either.” There is something unique about being an east-coaster in how we talk, think, and relate to others. Moving away had made me acutely aware of these things, and I can appreciate the style and cadence of your blogs. That first post has kept me coming back to read them each week, regardless of how silly or serious they are….they’ve become “Scott’s Soap Opera” for me, wondering what the heck you’re going to say next. Keep on keeping us entertained, and have a Merry Christmas!

    1. Omg sarah. Love this comment for so many reasons. I had a blast being happy boring scott and I will make sure to bring him back this year for you. I thank you for being such a loyal reader. And yes I have a New York cadence. Glad you appreciate that BC not everyone gets me.

  5. Hi Scott,
    For me the best blog post was: Let’s start a sewing revolution together…. 1 sewing machine at a time. It really resonated with me. I bought a Eversewn sewing machine for my granddaughter Jaden this Christmas and have decided to provide her sewing lessons by skype as she lives in Washington and we moved to Terrebonne, OR. I was looking for all types of classes for her and saw some online ones and decided to try it myself instead to spend more time with her and spread the love of sewing and quilting. I’ve been a new subscriber to your facebook and blog since Fall but I love your enthusiasm and believe in what you are doing. Keep up the great work, Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year and here’s to more sewing machines given away in 2018!!

  6. I am new to reading the blog so I don’t have many to choose from, but so far my favorite would be November 27, 2017. I was not able to attend Quilt Market and enjoyed seeing some of the schoolhouse sessions via your links included in that post.

  7. I really think my favorite poet of yours was from Dec 26th ,2016. About saying Yes. Why did I like it? I think that this world is a tough place for so many people and without people,like yourself, who say,”yes, I can help .”, it won’t get better. This world needs givers, volunteers and lovers of other people. People who care and who step up to get the job done. 🙂 Merry Christmas and happy new year!

  8. I would have to say when you had to leave your child at camp. It showed me how compassionate you can be. I hope he will recognize the gift of time you have for him. P. S. Have a beautiful holiday.

  9. My favorite post was the free sewing machine give away. This is my fav not because I was blessed to receive one but it reassured me that there is still good and caring people in the world!
    I like reading of the blog posts and love reading the replies.
    Thanks so much!
    Oh I hope you pick me as a winner

  10. I like the Tales of A Forth Textile Executive: The Sewing revolution of 2018. The reason I love this one, is the inspiration that I myself get from just reading it. I love to give, to whomever is in need, or just give cause it makes the person I give to make them smile. Plus, it brings a smile to my face as well. I can hear it in your blog, that you are a giver as well. If we ALL had the inspiration to give, to teach, to learn, and help others in their time of need, it actually lifts the spirit of those who give, and then it’s passed on. What a beautiful, uplifting, world this can be.

  11. Being a recipient of a beautiful sewing machine, I loved your blog regarding your self funded sewing revolution. It made me think how we are the stewards of the future and we can truly impact lives by sharing and teaching. Teaching Aiden to sew is a skill that will stay with him forever. I hope he someday shares his skill with someone else. It also taught him that “paying it forward “ makes you feel good inside. We have donated fabric to someone who was out of work so she could make gifts. It is still our goal to donate a new machine to a person in need and we are getting close to having the funds needed. Makes us realize how lucky we are to have each other. Now enjoy your well earned vacation

  12. I absolutely love how caring you are!! I love how excited you get when you give out a new sewing machine to a well deserving person!!! Scott more big business owners could take a lesson or two from you!!! The fabric community it blessed to have such a caring man!!!

  13. Yours, and the only blog i follow really, and because i also believe in what your doing to rebuild , confidence and lives with your gracous generosity to so many. I said already once that i think your called to this mission, and you have restored so many lives with it.

  14. My absolute favorite is when you announced the sewing machine giveaway. You have made so many people happy and looks like you plan to continue doing so.

  15. I didn’t actually know you had a blog. I saw you giving away sewing machines to people who lost everything in recent natural disasters on a Facebook post. I fell “in love” with this guys heart for helping those in need. Then I saw the video of Scott learning to sew. And I couldn’t believe he didn’t know how having been in the business for so long. It cracked me up!! Thanks again for your gifts to those in need. As a person who lost my home in a wild fire, I love how someone thought of giving away sewing machines. Awesome stuff.

    1. Hi Paula
      Glad we have found each other. I thought you were going to say you fell in love with me and not my heart. Thanks for your comment. So after you catch up on the older blogs, let me know what is your favorite blog post ever? Sewing machines make people happy!

  16. The Pi blog on May 26. As a veteran, I appreciate anyone who is nice to soldiers … beyond saying thanks for your service. Being kind to others doesn’t require a lot of effort and often means more to the recipient than the giver. Keep on being nice.

  17. I absolutely like the 62 reasons blog. I laughed at it. We all want to be somewhat known and recognized. Being a newly quilter it made me laugh, and then to find out it was all a dream. Good one.

  18. I like the one you were talking about the exercises in the gym and eating your breakfast. Have a Merry Christmas. I enjoy reading all your blogs

  19. Hello Scott, Even though I thoroughly enjoyed reading “62 Reasons” and “Birthday Musings” I liked the Sewing Revolution Of 2018 the best. It is indeed time for a sewing revolution – to use your words. There are those who do not know the simplest fundamentals like sewing on a button; the sight of a sewing machine scares them away as if it is a monster. Yes, I am sure you will sell more fabric, that is to be expected but it was your other points that I agreed with more. I am using your machine to teach a granddaughter and her daughter to use it, to make something and feel proud of an accomplishment. I think that if a person has good and proud feelings from something that they did, they will go on and do more. Now I have a second granddaughter who is going into the nursing profession and a friend that want me to teach them also. Because of your generosity there are four more future sewers on the rise. At the same time I feel good for the opportunity to share my knowledge to them and am enjoying it. Thank you.

  20. 62 Reasons – your dream of what is really happening in your life. Life is but a dream, but keep dreaming and they’d surely come true.

  21. My favorite post this year…. And I see them ALL every Monday… was on September 17, when you gave away your first sewing machine. It was after a week of hearing incredible stories of loss and pain in so many people’s lives. I know you were touched in a super natural way. I can’t explain this exactly but I KNEW in that post and during that time that YOU were changed. I believe you found a whole new level of compassion and empathy inside of your own soul you didn’t know was there. I can pinpoint that week as a moment in time that your focus on others stirred something inside you and in Laurie that has changed the both of you and your boys forever.

  22. I have to agree with Vanessa – it was so very refreshing to see someone honestly make an effort to do something positive. And to understand that for many, the way to healing would be through sewing! Yes people needed water, shelter, food, but the soul needs nourishment as well, and I believe you understood that. And inspired a lot of other folks to consider this as well!

  23. You wrote a blog about the day of atonement. Your humor reminded me of my Pappy as he would explain to me the meaning of his Jewish holidays. You brought back a good memory for me. And you demonstrated how Yom Kippur relates to an individual today.

    1. The Jewish Holidays are a special time. I am glad that post resonated with you and brought back good memories.
      Happy new year Jeannie. Thanks for being such a loyal fan.

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