Tales Of A Fourth Generation Textile Executive: What To Expect From The Jaftex Companies At Quilt Market

Dearest Quilt Shop Owners,

Are you excited for the International Quilt Market in Portland?  I can’t hear you!  ARE YOU EXCITED OR WHAT?  Okay, that’s a little better, but you are going to have to work on that energy level prior to getting to Portland.  Before I delve into the abundance of entertainment and eye candy that you could expect from the Jaftex Companies in Portland, I wanted to direct you to a previous blog I wrote with some sage advice that still stands true.  The post suggests ideas on how to navigate through quilt market, how to make it work for you and how to make it work for all others involved.  If this is your first market, this is a must read from a guy who has attended around 30 shows in his lifetime.  Where does the time go?

Before I move on though, now is a great time to ask you to email me if you would like to set up an appointment to visit and see the newest lines from any or all of the Jaftex Companies.  Please email me at scott@jaftex.com and let me know which lines you want to see and when you are available.  I will be certain that you are well taken care of.  Or feel free to contact your rep.


  • Studioe Fabrics:  Booth 1107 (this is my home base usually and A.E. Nathan is shown there too!).
  • The Blank Quilting Corp.:  Booth 1206 (usually my second home base as it is connected to the Studioe Fabrics’ booth).  You could also find Cliff Garfinkel (sales manager) and Diana Mancini (Blank’s lead stylist).
  • Henry Glass Fabrics:  Booth 1106.  President Larry Reichenberg will be there to greet you.  Stylist Lisa Loessel will be in attendance too.
  • Fabric Editions & 3 Wishes:  Booth 1007.  President Marsha Walling will be there as will her right hand, Kristen Supulski.  Come check out the much talked about 3 Wishes lines.  Make sure to see the digital lines especially.
  • I guess that’s all of it!  Psych!  How could I forget the new and improved FreeSpirit Fabrics?  This will be our big debut!  YEAH!  YEAH!  YEAH!

  • FreeSpirit Fabrics:  Booth 811.  The following FreeSpirit employees will be in attendance:  Nancy Jewell (Marketing Director), Debbie Stark (Creative Director), Louise Truett (Product Development Director), Ann Woodford Caskey (Senior Marketing Manager) & Sharon Thornton (Marketing Inspiration Manager).   Liz Dougherty (US Sales Manager) & Norman Bagley (Canadian Sales Manager & Export Manager) will also be there working hard.  My father & brother will be in the house.  Some key FreeSpirit designers in attendance include Tula Pink, Anna Maria Horner, Laura Heine and Sue Penn.


Since I mentioned Anna Maria Horner (FreeSpirit designer since 2005 and Tennessee shop owner), I want to tell you about the Premier Schoolhouse that she is presenting to introduce her Conservatory.  It’s called, “First, It Has To Be Beautiful….Then The Rest Is A Pleasure.” This is a cohesive presentation of beautiful fabrics from uniquely talented artists that AMH curated with a quilter’s eye and with an incentive driven retailer program.  Be there from 10-11 AM (follow the crowds & noise) and learn how your business can benefit from Anna’s wisdom, experience and gorgeous fabrics.  Also, discover how you can involve your customers in the cross-collection spirit of what is the amazing Anna Maria Conservatory.  Please make sure not to leave without getting your free FreeSpirit bag of goodies.

                 NON-PREMIER SCHOOLHOUSES (there will be giveaways)                               To simplify, all Studioe Fabrics Schoolhouses will be in room B111,          Blank Quilting will be in B112, Henry Glass in B111/2 and FreeSpirit C124.  

  • 12:45-1:15, Dive Into Facebook Advertising with Vanessa Denniston, the Jaftex social media guru.  RM B112
  • 1:20-1:50
    • Under The Sea with Tula Pink.  RM C124.
    • How To Increase Your Dollar/SQ.FT Metric with Janice Pope, sales rep and owner of Anything But Boring.  RM B112.
  • 1:55-2:25
    • Anna Maria Horner will discuss Passion Flower.  RM C124.
    • Marketing Ideas To Increase Customer Traffic with Judy Hansen who is a fabric designer for Blank Quilting & owner of The Quilt Shop of Deland in Florida.  RM B112.
  • 2:30-2:45
    • Turn Scrappy Quilts Into Showcases of Color & Texture with Missie Carpenter who is a Blank Quilting designer and proprietor of the Traditional Primitives website.  RM B112.
    • Sewing With Panels by Gail Pan, a new Henry Glass designer.  RM B111
  • 2:50-3:05, Introducing Buttermilk Blossoms by Stacy West of Buttermilk Basin who is a licensed Henry Glass designer.  RM B111
  • 3:10-3:40
    • Expand Around The Block with Paula Bramwell of RNK.  RM B112.
    • My Shop Needs New & More Customers! by Janice Pope.  B111.
  • 3:45-4:15
    • Jazz Up That Flannel For Fast & Easy Gifts with Karen Grof, owner of Happy Apple Quilts.  B111.
    • Quick & Cute!  More Critters On Fabric, Packaging & Projects!  hosted by Leanne Anderson of The Whole Country and daughter Kaytlyn.  B112.
  • 4:20-4:50
    • Peppered Cotton Sampler Quilts Are Hot! with Pepper Cory.  RM B111.  More on this below.
    • Quilt & Easy Samples That Sell Fabric with Mary Jane Carey of Holly Hill Quilt Designs.  Also, a Henry Glass designer.  RM B112.
  • 4:55-5:25
    • Set Up Internet Profiles To Get Found By Buyers with Vanessa.  RM B111.
    • Join The Club & Become “One Crazy Sister” Too! with Janet Nesbitt of One Sister Designs.  A Henry Glass licensed designer.  B112.
  • 5:30-6:00, Hootie Who Girls Clubbin’ It! with Phyllis Meiring a new Henry Glass licensed designer.  RM B112.

Please note that if you are attending the FabShop dinner that I will be speaking briefly about the Sew Revolution around 6:30 PM.

Finally, before I wrap up, I wanted to touch on the RSVP Designer Program that is the brain child of Pepper Cory.  This program was introduced at the last quilt market at a schoolhouse.  Pepper invited some well known quilters to make 16″ blocks using Peppered Cottons.  The blocks were shown at the last schoolhouse and they were awesome and very different as various designers submitted blocks.  All of the blocks are being sewn together and a quilt will be made that will be shown at the schoolhouse.  I am looking forward to seeing how this comes out!  In addition, starting tomorrow, Tuesday, May 8 and continuing on until Saturday, there will be an informative blog post each day about all those talented folks that submitted blocks.  Please take a minute to meet a bunch of Pepper’s very cool and talented friends.  Thank you all for participating!

Have a great week!  Can’t wait to see you all at the BIG SHOW!

Scott Fortunoff

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Author: Scott Fortunoff

Author of Tales of 4th Generation Textile Executive Blog. President of Studioe Fabrics, The Blank Quilting Corp. and A.E. Nathan Co., Inc. Co-President of FreeSpirit Fabrics. V-P of Henry Glass Fabrics. President of Scott’s Free Sewing Machines. Creator of the #sewrevolution.

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