Quilt Tips From Our Readers

Hello Studioe fans! A few weeks ago on the Studioe Facebook page, we asked you all to share you top quilting tips for a new quilter. We received such great tips, we wanted to share them all in a blog post! Read what everyone thought was a valuable tip and see if you see yours included!

Tips for the new quilter | 40 plus tips and words of advice from experienced quilters

This chevron pattern is a free quilt pattern you can download here.

When just starting

Janie McCombs, “Quilting is extremely addicting, Love it!”

Barbara Galetin, “There are no rules.”

Sonja McLane, “Make sure to wash larger pieces of material so the color does not run and use color catchers!”

Jacqui Billot, “Measure and practice.”

Cheril Ryan, “Be patient and enjoy the process, not the just finished product (note to self).”

Suzanne Bake, “Take your time!!”

Linda Douglas, “Relax and have fun with your quilting!”

Vicki Hill, “Relax and enjoy the processes.”

Liz Dale, “Be patient with yourself and practice. Triple check before you cut or sew.”

Debra Landon James, “Enjoy what you are about to learn cause it is a very addicting and fulfilling hobby. Love it!”

Choosing A Project

Ivy Gabbad, “Start with something easy.”

WonkyGirl Glass, “Never start with a king-size quilt, start with a smaller throw size.”

Barbara La France Huggins, “Take your time and enjoy the process of putting your quilt together. I would start small like a wall quilt or one for a baby.”

Shirley Haynes Clark, “Practice using scraps at first, and work on an easy pattern. However, I love Scrappy quilts the best.”

The Necessary Tools

Debra Neiman, “Buy and Extra seam ripper, cause they tend to get lost.”

Peggy Gibbs, “I’m not one to give advice on quilting, as I only make the quilt tops, but I would say get a good rotary cutter and use a sharp blade in it.”

Sheri Andresen, “Use quality fabric, it does make a difference.”

Emily Callender, “Know where your pins are or use clips. Your family will thank you.”

Cecilia Young,  “Always use the same brand of rulers on a project.”

The 1/4″ Seam

Vicki Terpstra, “The best advice I would give to a new quilter is to test your ¼” seams. I always assumed mine were good as I was using a ¼” foot, but nope, they weren’t I hadn’t realized my machines foot needed to be moved to the right when using my foot.”

Rose Sabey, “Scant ¼” seams!”

Michele Fetter, “Make sure your quarter of an inch is always consistent. Don’t switch sewing machines on your quilt.”

Anna Lutz-Brown, “Please please remember a quarter of an inch….go buy a quarter inch foot [to] save you a lot of headaches later.”

Thoughts On Making Mistakes

Pat Bacchus, “I am self-taught and most of my quilt go to family members, sometimes I sell them. I tell people the price for the quilt and in doing so I say, ‘the price is the $$$ but the mistakes come free’. Quilts that are made with love are not always perfect. That makes them more cherishable.”

Bernadette Osse Bassett, “Do not be afraid of mistakes, wrong cuts and dull scissors.”

Lisa Wheeler, “Relax, enjoy and do not beat yourself up. Quilts are made from love, not perfection.”

Darcy Lewis, “Don’t worry if it isn’t perfect, and don’t let any teacher shame you about that!”

Diana Ross, “Measure twice, cut once.”

JoAnn McLean, “Always check before cutting or rotary cutting.”

Barb Hodge, “No one but God is perfect, so don’t get discouraged. I have always looked at it as putting my own personal touch into a quilt.”

Nancy Rothschild Bird, “There are no quilt police, so you can break the rules if you want!”

Sheila Munro, “Don’t expect perfection the first time. It take time and accuracy which comes with practice so don’t quit.”

Beth Sebastian, “Keep on sewing – you will improve the more you sew!”

Patty Iams McKissock, “Hang in there! When I started I was very insecure about putting colors together, but with practice it gets fun!”

The Quilting Community

Kauaikuuipo Christine G, “Get into a small group of older quilters. Best setting for lots of learning on what to do next.”

PK Solberg, “Join a guild and follow quilting blogs.”

Kathleen Schlarp, “Find a mentor because you have no idea of what you don’t know. For me, it was my sister. Quilting circle are probably ok but then you get lots of possibly contradictory opinions. Be brave and go for it. You will find your way.”

Do you have any other tips to add?