Victoria Hutto

Bright and cheerful, fun and fresh … Victoria Hutto’s illustrations make a lasting impression. An accomplished artist, Victoria’s wonderfully whimsical designs have become fan favorites as evidenced by her sustained success as a licensed artist. Victoria graduated from the California College of Arts and Crafts in Berkeley, CA with a Bachelor of Fine Art’s in illustration. Victoria’s broad experience keeps her on the leading edge of designing for today’s consumers.

Her artistic career has included design positions with the greeting card company, Curtis Swann; industry giant, Sanrio; and as a Senior Designer for the gift bag company, Jeanmarie Creations.
Victoria is a self-taught digital artist. She combines her traditional illustration background with her digital expertise which gives her the flexibility to accommodate her client’s needs, while not losing the unique touch of her signature style.
Known for her versatility and fresh perspectives, her work has appeared in many of America’s best known company products. Victoria’s illustrations are featured on greeting cards, gift bags, flags, fabric, seasonal décor and paper party-ware, to mention a few.

Victoria Hutto

Designer Collections

Sweet Safari,Sweet Dreams,Baby Love,Hello Glow,*M'Ocean,*A Jolly Good Time,*Graveyard Ghouls-Glow,*Patriotic Pooch,*Bella Bunnies-Digital,*Moonlit Dreams,Moonlit Dreams - Minky