Beth Albert

a 3 Wishes Fabric Designer

My given name is Mary Beth. My designs are created by putting together different elements & styles. I use some original paintings of mine, scanned objects, vintage graphics & digitally created images to make a design. I prefer the folk art look, handmade, repurposed, naive & unique. I am always looking for the beauty in things that are simple, discarded & forgotten. I think that describes my style.

My love of making things has always been a part of me. Making things & making do with old things has always been a way of life.   As a child my mom & aunts were always painting old furniture & redecorating. They splashed on new color, new fabric & new life. They used antiques in new ways to create a fresh looks. My grandmother lived on a farm and was a school teacher. She created a sparkling beautiful home with simple old elements & lots of hard work. She made do. I learned to make my surroundings pleasing & unique using things I could throw together.   A love of old things was born in me!

Beth Albert

Designer Collections

Bunny Kisses and Easter Wishes,O'Holy Night,Shamrockin',Hold Your Horses