Canyon Birds

This collection is a tribute to the hundreds of species of birds found in the Canyon Parks of North America. Smaller birds such as the Canyon Wrens and Jays are featured in this collection. These illustrations were designed and colored in a warm palette that includes hues of brick red, terracotta and other earthy tones. These charming creatures and flora will charge your creativity. Please check out the website for these free projects and more. They will help get you started. In the United States, Canyon Parks are home to an incredible diversity of birdlife with nearly 450 species of birds. Recognizing the important role, the parks play in protecting hundreds of bird species has helped to save several endangered species. Bird watchers in these parks are likely to spot Canyon Wrens whose songs you can hear on most trails and lookouts throughout the canyons. The Canyon Wren is a small North American songbird of the Wren family Troglodytidae. It is resident throughout its range and is found in arid, rocky cliffs, outcrops and canyons.

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by Jennifer Brinley

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