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  • Equanimity

    Serenity and calmness are the attitudes cultivated in this new digital collection by Chelsea DesignWorks. Equanimity is a 13-piece group of textures and patterns inspired by nature. Florals and geometrics are combined in a palette of soothing blues, navy, a range of grays and muted taupes. Be sure to check out the woven stripe pattern that combines all the patterns together in one print. Besides quilting, the collection is perfect for home décor projects to bring in a feeling of gentle tranquility and peace – something everyone needs! Studio e’s Peppered Cottons by Pepper Cory are perfect coordinates.

    Shipping November

    by Chelsea DesignWorks

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  • Huggable & Loveable XI

    To add a bit more whimsy to this loveable fabric book collection, Sandra has super-sized the ears, the umbrella and the heart of the books’ appendages. There’s “Mouse in the House” where the ears are large and floppy. There’s “Lots of Love” which features a large heart on top of a mommy and baby elephant. There’s “If Kisses were Raindrops” which has a big red umbrella on top. There’s “You Are a Gift to me” which is a puppy with floppy ears. There’s the “WOW” book that features a cow with floppy ears. Then there’s “You’re My Little Sweet Pea” which has a great big green leaf at the top of the peapod where the mom and baby pea are resting. Your loved ones will enjoy learning and playing with these one-yard, easy to make, fabric books for hours.

    Ships January 2022

    by Sandra Magsamen

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  • Hydrangea Garden - Digital

    Studio E invites you to experience the joy of each blossom, each bird and every element in this collection called “Hydrangea Garden” by Janie Lee Designs. These 12 fabrics are created in a rich palette which will inspire you to bring nature into your home décor. The collection includes a panel, continuous blocks, coordinate prints and two free projects. These designs will add an enchanted style to all your quilting projects.

    Shipping November

    by Jenie Lee Designs

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