Tales Of A Fourth Generation Textile Executive: 45th Birthday Musings

Since I announced that my goal was to have given away 45 free sewing machines by my birthday on December 4, it is no secret that today is my birthday.  Deflated yeah.  Deflated happy birthday to me.  With that, here are some birthday musings to start off my 45th year on this planet and about my 14th year in the fabric industry.

  • Please don’t wish me Happy Birthday.
  • Please don’t surprise me with any cakes or people jumping out from behind doors.  I don’t want to have a heart attack and I hate surprises.  If I was 21, that would be another story….but I AM NOT 21, I am more than double that.  WAHH!

  • I am so happy to have handily surpassed my free sewing machine goals for 2017.  62 machines in about 3 months.  Not too shabby for a 45 year old.  Next year, I will give away at least 52 free sewing machines which means at least 1 machine per week.

  • Congrats to all 62 sewing machine recipients.  I look forward to receiving lots of photos from all of you showing me what you have created with your new EverSewn machine.

  • I am hopeful that, outside of the 62 machines that I gave away, there has been a lot of other transactional activity in the sewing machine market to promote my self-proclaimed Sewing Revolution.  I hope people are buying machines, sharing machines, trading up to better machines and giving their older machines to someone else especially someone in the younger generations.  The Sewing Revolution presupposes that the number of sewing machines sold will drastically rise next year.  You heard it here first.  We need to keep stoking the revolutionary flames….and of course everyone needs to buy more fabric from their local quilt shop too…wink, wink.

  • I am happy to report that many people have praised my sewing machine giveaway. It’s great to hear that they will now be loyal Jaftex fabric consumers due to our unselfishness and commitment to the fabric industry and the community at large.  Thank you for that as it is a great honor for which the Fortunoff family is very proud.
  • The second half of this year has been some adventure with the sewing machine giveaway.  I really want to say that it feels like I gave birth, but then I had second thoughts about all the trouble I would get in for saying something like that.  Oops.  Delete. Delete.  Refresh.  Refresh.  It’s a joke, get over it.

  • Please know that I have given myself the month of December off from giving away sewing machines.  I will resume my free sewing machine giveaway in January so please share my giveaway with anyone you think might be eligible.  Don’t forget that all requests need to be submitted by comment in the comments section of any one of my blogs.  So there is no urgency to get your requests in to me until January.  If you received a call from me already, but we never spoke, don’t worry because I will reach back out to you in January.
  •  If you submit a request and I ask you for your address and phone number, you will likely be getting a call from me from a 516 or 917 area code.  Please pick up the phone, it is me and not a telemarketer.  I usually call on the weekend and I do speak with every winner.

  • I still can’t believe I am 45.  Where did the time go?  How many freaking blogs can one guy write in a lifetime?  Those are my Monday mourning (sic) birthday musings.  Have a great week.

Wishing everyone a great December filled with lots of joy and happiness.

The Birthday Boy

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Author: Scott Fortunoff

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13 thoughts on “Tales Of A Fourth Generation Textile Executive: 45th Birthday Musings”

  1. When I was 45, I started with chronic migraines that continued until last January when someone figured it out. So, even though I am older than you, 63 (yikes), I am grateful for every minute of headache free life and sewing unimpeded by them. I will truly celebrate my birthday in March because I have my life back and age is just a number and so look forward to buying more fabric!

  2. Hello my friend Robynn has had a few unfortunate events happen to her in the last few months…..first her husband died of a massive heartache on September 19th,2017, then after having to sell a house in Florida to make ends meet…. we got home with a truck of her parents things on Friday, November 17th, she woke up early Tuesday November 21st. to her home being on fire and everything she owed was gone. She lost everything, she has a 5 yr old autistic little boy, she loves to sew, quilt, etc. This was not the first fire where she had to start over from scratch. she is a great friend. hope you can help her find joy in what she loves to do , make quilts for the ones she loves.
    thank you for your time!!!

  3. Enjoy your 45th with family and friends. Don’t sweat the small stuff, it’s only a number. I have to admit that while waiting for Fed Ex I had a terrific urge to go shopping with two Great Granddaughters. We ended up at a shop called Beyond the Thimble not too far away and did a little impulse buying – never go shopping with little girls. One sees her making a skirt in her future and the other sees doll clothes so they each picked out a yard of their favorite color. I did explain that they had to do practice first with easy things with just going straight up and down, so now they want to do pillow cases – have no idea where that came from. Anyway, enjoy your day.

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